For The Last Time This Year, The $5k Private MM Is Back

And If You’ve Been Wondering How You Can Go From Earning Inconsistently…

To Making $5000 per Month With Your Copywriting Skill,

Golibe & Rachel – Two Copywriters Who’ve Brought In A Combined Sum Of $3M For Their Clients

Would Like To Show You How They’ve Built An Internationally Recognized Copywriting Brand Over The Last 2 Years…

And Exactly How You Can Go From Being Just a Freelance Copywriter to a Copywriting Brand Capable Of Making A Consistent $5,000 monthly In the Next 8 Weeks

Imagine what it’d feel like to have a wait-list of high ticket clients begging you to work with them on projects & JVs…

Simply because you know how to fish in the right pond and also deliver staggering results that boost your credibility.

Barely 3 weeks after the completion of the previous $5K Private Mastermind, Dolapo Hamzat, our mentee, hit and surpassed the $5,000 mark…

Bringing in over $6,000 in pure personal income.

– Dolapo Hamzat

“ There was no expectation I had before I got into this program that wasn’t met…

I’ve now increased how much I charge for projects.

The price we paid to get into the program compared to what we got, somehow we cheated Golibe & Rachel…

You get more than you paid for”

– Jude Ifeanyi, C

“I wanted my copy to be top tier…

I wanted to get feedback from the best…

Now, I’m able to see things as an entrepreneur more than just a freelance copywriter.

My experience was remarkable… It is worth it.”

– Kamal Zane

“How many people are really teaching this step by step online? A lot of people will just take your money.

Golibe & Rachel will take you on an experience through a journey, something I had never seen before”

– Dr. Jehiel Morkly

Ghanaian Doctor turned Health Copywriter

“ I’ll recommend this ($5k MM) to anyone who really wants to grow their copywriting business and make a lot of progress within a short period of time”

– Chineye Onyena

Research shows that the most feared part of being a freelancer is the inconsistent income that comes with it.

You earn $500 from this client today,

Another $1000 next week and for the next 2 months you might not earn a single dollar.

You see, this is not talked about enough.

One of the world’s top information blogs MOTLEY FOOL states,

“25% of freelancers Worry about job security

Freelancing offers freedom but the flip side to freedom is the ease to which freelancers can lose their job or have none at all”

So this inconsistent earning is not just something that happens to Mr. Ola the Nigerian copywriter or Mrs Jovinne the freelancer living in Kigali 

It is a universal thing that cuts across continents – known as the number 1 con of being a freelancer.

Let’s leave the general freelancing world and come back to being a freelance copywriter who earns thousands of dollars writing persuasive, stimulating words for business owners…

You’ve been told that copywriting will change your life, which is true…

But the sad reality is that you’ll only begin to play, eat and dine with the big boys when you know how to wield the power Copywriting gives you, strategically.

Allow us to explain:

You probably may have made your first $1000 or $2000 writing copy which is good…

In 2021 our students made a combined $189,000 (these are only the wins we could track)… They all started from $0 

Look at Jamiu Babs, a coachee of ours who makes $2000 monthly…

“ There was no expectation I had before I got into this program that wasn’t met…

I’ve now increased how much I charge for projects.

The price we paid to get into the program compared to what we got, somehow we cheated Golibe & Rachel…

You get more than you paid for”

– Jude Ifeanyi, C

Jamiu came with a salary of 50,000 naira a month but he makes over a million naira monthly now.

He had this to say:


“I am eternally grateful for the Copywriting lessons you’ve embedded in me. You took me from zero and you’re gradually turning me into a hero when it comes to copywriting. My confidence has tripled just by learning and putting your teachings into practice. Thank you for all you do sir “

– Jamiu Babs (Copywriter)


And Victoria Ade-Samuel?

A 300 Level student whose parents never liked the idea of an undergraduate working,

Against all odds, she makes 500 Australian dollars monthly.

In her words:

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all you’ve done Chief. You’re not just an amazing coach but you’re an amazing person as well. You becoming my Coach has been the best thing that has happened in my copywriting journey. The fact that you’re good at what you do and your willingness to help out whenever you can is an attribute I admire.”

– Victoria Ade Samuel

And a host of others.

These people were struggling financially and were clueless on how to make a living but now they are smashing $1000, $2000 jobs here and there.

Despite helping them make so much money than they ever imagined,

Overtime we noticed that some days they were fully booked and other times they were without clients which was something we also struggled with when we started out 

Our experience coupled with this observation made us realize that it’s truly not enough to master Copywriting

It’s not enough to land your first $500, $1000 or $2000 client

If you want to make copywriting a stand-alone income that can give you an assured $60,000 per year so that you can easily:

  • Move to a dream place of your choice in a desired location 
  • Cater for your loved ones without budgeting to the last kobo
  • Buy a new car for your convenience and maybe to keep some necks turning
  • Relocate to another country

Or any other thing your heart truly desires that money can afford

You must learn how to build the right systems.

That’s the missing piece.

No more fear of quitting your 9 to 5 job due to uncertainties…

No more trying to hunt down every client that falls on your radar…

No more having all your earnings dry up the moment you fall ill or take a break from your freelance job.

The right systems is the secret to that consistent income and almost nobody talks about that when they sell those courses,

Honestly, not everyone knows this…

2 years ago, Golibe & Rachel burst into the copywriting industry and are now internationally recognized brands across over 70 countries in 5 continents…

And they’ve pulled in over 3 Million dollars in sales.

The words copywriting, sales, marketing are now synonymous with their names making them unforgettable in the eyes of their clients.

You see, the worst word in sales & marketing is forgettable.

Every business out there does sales and marketing to make sure they are top of their customer’s mind…

The aim is to stay unforgettable.

There is a reason you prefer a particular toothpaste brand over the other even when there are tens of them out there,

It is not a coincidence.

And this is how you should position yourself.

Just as every Noodle out there, no matter the brand, is now called Indomie by Nigerians…

Detergent is also synonymous to OMO

All Seasoning cubes are now called Maggi… Etc.

You want to be this synonymous to copywriting in the eyes of your target audience (clients capable of paying $5k+)

And that is the number one system that would help you hit those figures

1-Moving from being just a freelancer to Building an unforgettable copywriting business

You want to be at the top of the mind of your customers as a freelancer

Atsh! Bad word… As a copy brand.

You want to ensure that when these guys think,

“I need someone to help increase my sales”, they think of YOU.

And that’s the number one system we would show you how to create for your copywriting business.


“I have had Rachel work on few projects and she over delivered every time.

Another thing I admire so much about her is the ability to work with little close to no supervision. 

She listens to what you say and then come up with the best solution that will 20x even 50x your ROI.

That’s right, she has made a lot more than that for my business.

She’s simply a marketing genius! ”

– Michael Oyekanmi (CEO, Hotshops Digimart & Vejoza)


“Golibe wowed us at Dirosystems. His thought process is genius.” 

– Prince Chibueze (Head Tech Engineer, Diro Systems – Microsoft and Huawei Partners)


Award-Winning American Copywriter & CEO Intrigue Creative, Debra Pivko said this about Rachel…

You are very good!

I can’t wait to have a project I can send to you to work with you on.” 


And Golibe was voted as one of the top Email copywriters of 2021 World Ranking curated by Founder of Copy Legends, Matt Bockensette

Ranking above copywriting Legends like Frank Kern and David Deutsch amongst others…

And the controversial Daniel Throsell came second on this same list…

Ever heard of him?


He is known as the best copywriter in Australia and he was the most talked-about copywriter in 2021.

While talking about what made him the most talked about and arguably the most paid copywriter of 2021 here is what he said,


“ I truly don’t know why so many copywriters are happy to keep working for clients full-time for so long.

And don’t get me wrong … when you start out, you HAVE to do client work.

But if you are not at least BUILDING something on the side … you are utterly insane


Which brings us to a very important point.

The more you focus on building systems within your own copywriting brand, the more clients want to work with you and the more in-demand you will be.

When you’re in-demand, money flows in consistently unquenched.

That is why it is looks like the big guys in the industry keep getting all the jobs.

“To he has, more will be given”…

More of these sweet dollars is often given to the established names, the authorities and that is what we want you to become,

An unforgettable copywriting brand.

Here is a snippet from the lessons we will be showing you under this system:

  • The power of leverage in a billion-dollar industry (it is a competition as there are thousands of copywriters out there, you need leverage)
  • The Secrets to brand Storytelling that beg clients to pay you your worth
  • The Loyalty Ladder – The more loyal your clients are the more they see shelling out $5k + is nothing
  • The Bottomless Pit of Greed every inconsistent earner makes in copywriting and exactly how to climb out of it
  • The Beauty Is In Building A Passive Cashflow – You can’t do this without setting up a business structure.

You will see that when you set up systems, CONSISTENTLY hitting your $5,000 plus goals will be very achievable.

Which is where the second and third part of these SYSTEMS come in…

But before we talk about that, we would like you to know that it gets real from here

So if everything we have said so far makes zero sense to you 

Or you don’t have the “get shit done attitude” required to hit $5k/mo,

You’re free to take your leave at this point.

Still here?

Great, let’s proceed.

You see, we’ve experienced the freedom, recognition and flexibility of becoming a full blown Copywriting business…

And that’s why inside the Second Edition of the…


$5K Private Mastermind With Golibe & Rachel

where we will be sharing our never-told-before experience with just 10 Copywriters.

The second system we would be teaching you how to create and set up in order to make $5k months consistently is:

2) Negotiating your worth and delivering projects that vomit staggering results…

There is nothing more disgraceful as being an empty barrel

It will kill your business even before it begins.

You can’t create these business systems at the level we want to show you and then you will go over to these jobs and flop.

The aim is to over deliver.

We would hold you by hand and sometimes even help you execute these projects if need be.

Your projects are your legacy and anything that has your name attached to it should never be crap.

You need to understand that spending money is serious business and anybody who decides to pay you good amounts of money needs great results.

After making a combined over $3M in sales, it is not wrong to say that getting results is what we love to do…

And by the time we are done with you, you too will be capable of generating results like this…

And figures like this…

So we would hold you by hand and ensure that we squeeze out the best from every project you get.

This is why after the 8 weeks duration of the $5k Private Mastermind,

We have decided that we would also be attaching a 6 Months Close Supervision Drill where we would be working with you closely to squeeze out the best results from the $5k projects we will be teaching you how to get and keep.

So far,

We’ve been talking about the execution of projects but another place most copywriters fail is in the acquiring and negotiation of these projects…

And that’s why we’ll be showing you:

  • The Secret Big 5 Client Acquisition method to making your first $60,000 year

Stop being scared of numbers…

$60,000 is just a number that requires planning to attain.

Plus we would tell you how to penetrate international waters with a cheat sheet that we used for ourselves…

And even show you the exact type of script you can use for this.

We’d leave the rest of these details to the people who get into the Mastermind.

Details like:

  • The Asshole Negotiation technique to earning more than every other copywriter even if they have exactly the same skillset as you do

When people hear Golibe and Rachel started just in 2020, they are always shocked at the high fees we have been able to command in such a short time.

The truth is,

Confidence and negotiating like an asshole is 50% the reason you can earn $5000 plus monthly with ease.

And the other 50%?

Is between results-oriented experience and fishing in the right waters.

Firstly, It is not by how long you have stayed in the game, it is by how much money you have pulled in and how much impact you have made.

You don’t need to be 4 years into copywriting to start earning the big bucks.

You just need to be capable of bringing in results that nobody can.

Secondly, we would teach you how to fish in the right waters.

You can never catch a whale in a village stream.

Most copywriters don’t know where to fish and the right tools for fishing.

A whale can’t be caught with just a fishing rod and a canoe.

You need a giant sized ship and some big fishing tools to catch a whale.

So fishing in the right waters and using the right whale-catching tool are part of the stuff we will be showing you.

Which is one of the reasons we’ll be bringing onboard…

One of America’s finest Copywriter of the 21st century responsible for selling $100 Million worth of products and services,

Donnie Bryant

Donnie is a 9-Figure Direct Response Copywriter, Copy Coach & Mentor

Who’s helped various businesses, globally bring in millions of dollars in revenue

He’s also the convener of the popular Black Copywriter Coalition group on Facebook for black copywriters who are finding their feet in a whiteman’s dominated industry. 

Donnie Bryant will be coming to speak to us on how he’s been able to catch the eye of Big Business owners in America and beyond even as a Black Copywriter…

Plus how you can easily do the same no matter where you’re from.

Your client acquisition and retention problems will be a thing of the past when you listen to Donnie illustrate his teachings LIVE…

Because he will be digging deep into how to acquire these clients outbound to add to the strategies we will be showing you from our own closet.

And Donnie Bryant isn’t going to be the only guest speaker we’ll be having with us Inside the $5K Private Mastermind…

Ever heard of Success Digest?

Nigeria’s No 1 Entrepreneurial platform founded 27 years ago by the legendary Dr Sunny Ojeagbase of blessed memory?

Well, the current Editor-in-Chief of the Success Digest magazine, Samson Ojeagbase (his son) who has actively been in the sales industry for 11 years  

Samson Ojeagbase.

And responsible for expanding the digital reach of the Success Digest platform…

Would be coming to share with us from his wealth of knowledge and experience so far expanding an internet marketing business.

In a continent where people still see buying off the internet as alien, how do you create and sell products on the internet as your full time job

A job that assures you millions every single month.

How do you make Africans trust you enough to give you their hard earned money even with all the skepticism ponzi schemes and the rest has caused?

If you intend to keep your internet based business afloat, thriving and winning consistently, then you definitely should not miss hearing Samson Ojeagbase speak.

And finally,

You’ll agree that…

Almost every family knows one relative that has gone from rich to poor and this is a big problem.

Even in the 21st century, no one seems to be playing the long game of financial freedom.

It is fine to flex the money you have deservedly earned from copywriting but understand that money has a language

And if you don’t know how to translate it,

It becomes a terrible cycle where you’re always looking for money because you don’t understand things as simple as:

  • Cash flow
  • Paying yourself a salary
  • Investing back in your business
  • Investing in other assets
  • Investing in yourself
  • Emergency funds

And a lot more.

You should document your income.

We had a big problem when starting out because of this…

Golibe once confessed how he blew the first $2000 he made from writing copy for clients on Twitter.

And it was almost the same for Rachel whose first N500,000 made from copywriting almost disappeared into thin air.

You know, there’s something about money – it needs to get comfortable in your hands for it to stay and multiply

But this gets really hard when you’re not coming from a place of abundance

Trust me, you don’t want to experience the empty feeling that comes with knowing that you earned a shitload of money in a month but at the end of that same month, you’re down to your last 2k naira.

This leads to desperation

And in this thing of ours, desperation would make you lose out on a lot of high ticket deals

This is why we’re not just interested in teaching you how to make $5k consistently 

We are also interested in what goes on behind the scene

Majorly because the “behind-the-scenes” deeply controls the consistency of your earnings

And that’s why inside the $5K Private Mastermind,

We’ll also be showing you how to:

3) Speak The Money Language & Multiply it

In our early days, we struggled with finances a lot and in all honesty,

If you don’t understand the numbers game in your business, you will never be able to CONSISTENTLY hit your desired figure monthly.

If you want to consistently hit $5,000 monthly with your copywriting business you need to understand simple business numbers.

This is why in the $5k Private Mastermind with Golibe and Rachel you will get to speak to and learn from a finance expert…

Mr. Silas Ozoya

He has been featured on:

NAIRAMETRICS (No 1 Finance Blog in Nigeria)



Amongst others…

He would be answering your money questions like,

Why would two people earn the same amount of money but one of them always ends up wealthier than the other person?

Why would I make a lot of money but at the end of the month, I’m back to square 1, I’m broke?

How can I passively grow the money I’m earning now?

These questions and many more are questions that from our experience,

Copywriters just keep asking and that’s why we are bringing in a finance expert who would talk about this and more.

A lot of people may know how to read and write but did you know that…

Only 33% of people in the world are financially literate

The secret to growing your money is information and that’s why the rich keep getting richer and the poor, poorer.

Mr. Silas Ozoya will debunk already existing financial myths, re-engineering your mindset for financial growth and finally, taking you on a personal journey to understanding YOUR own cash flow system.

By now, you must have already seen that inside the $5k Private Mastermind,

You’ll be learning how to speak the money language, how to make it, how to keep it and how to multiply it…

You see,

The $5k Private Mastermind has been specially designed to help you take your copywriting career to the next level where the money is bigger and better

Particularly focusing on building systems that would make you MORE money with waayy less struggle

So that you can begin to experience the true freedom and luxury that the power of using words to sell offers you.


You can finally forget your degree which doesn’t even make you up to $1k per month

You no longer have to keep chasing broke clients

Or pitch every “prospect” that comes near you

And since you’ll have the guidance of two experienced copywriters for the next 6 months…

You’ll no longer have to deal with the fear of under-delivering on your client’s projects.

Remember, this a close walk with Golibe and Rachel and that it is why it is exclusive to just 10 people,

Every copy we would be working on together in this Private Mastermind will be scrutinized line by line…

“Why did you write this?”

“What impact do you want this sentence to have on your reader?”

Questions like these and more would be asked for every part of your copy

Because this is a personalized experience not something for a large class.

We would be working with you on different parts on your journey to earning $5k per month consistently…


  • Your Pitch to qualified clients
  • To your copy Samples
  • To acquiring these high ticket Clients
  • And also creating systems for Client Retention and consistency in earning

Our meetings will be 3 times a week and sometimes even 4 times – if the need arises

Every week for 8 weeks.

This will immediately be followed by a 6 months close supervision drill after the program is over 

To ensure that you’re on track to implementing these systems with speed.

Remember we said that this Private Mastermind is open to only 10 copywriters, yeah?

Well, at the time of writing the sales letter,

We only have 4 slots left

Which means 6 slots have already been taken.

So, if you’re interested,

You can secure your slot for just 500,000 Naira ($1000) before 11.59 pm GMT+1, 24th May, 2022.

If you’d like a payment plan,

You can make a N250,000 ($500) part payment to book your slot today

And pay the balance within 30 days of your initial payment.

To get started,

Click the link below to choose a payment plan and secure your seat.

Once you do that,

You’ll receive a personal call from Golibe or Rachel to have a discussion on how we can give you a personalized experience…

Through the $5K Private Mastermind With Golibe and Rachel.

And that’s not all…

When you gain access into the $5K Private Mastermind,

You’ll also receive the following special bonuses at no extra cost:

Special Bonus 1

The 6 Fig Copywriter Road Map 

If you’re still struggling with understanding the basics of Copywriting,

This is a beginner course on copywriting that has brought success to a lot of newbie copywriters…

And it can do the same for you.

This Road Map alone brought in 473,000 naira (1,000 pounds) for Mr. Alex in January


“The first money I ever made from the internet is 1,000 pounds and Golibe made it possible. Hold this guy tight and listen to everything he says. Period.”

– Alex Nwakoby, 2020 (Copywriter)

And today,

You’ll be getting it for FREE.


Special Bonus 2


The VSL Series by Rachel Augustine


VSL Copywriting is a hot niche that most Nigerian Copywriters haven’t cracked yet

So, in this 3-part video series,

Rachel will be showing you how to script a winning VSL:

Areas to focus on while scripting…

Why writing your VSL like a text based sales letter can be a big mistake

And the most important thing you must pay attention to after creating the video script…

Else all your hard work can go down the drain with zero conversions.

The videos are short, detailed and simple to understand…

So you can easily finish them in one sitting.

And revisit whenever you please


Special Bonus 3 (Video)


The Million Dollar Copywriter’s Mindset With Stanley

Internet marketing wizard confesses as a lot of people before him,

That it all starts in the mind.

The right mindset.

The right mentality.

The right attitude.

Consistency is the key to building a brand that can make you $5,000 per month consistently.

But to be consistent, you need to be mentally prepared.

You need to understand that your mind frame can be the singular point that can make that financial breakthrough.

This is why we’ll be giving you access to this member’s only video recording on the mindset of a million dollar Copywriters…

Illustrated by Stanley EsDee David, popularly known as the Business Therapist.

Stanley EsDee David

His methodology has always been that if you can handle the mind of business owners, businesses will multiply their sales.

And this school of thought has brought him results across different industries helping over 1000 business owners grow their businesses to 6 figures.

If you were to enrol for Stanley’s private coaching on Mindset,

You’ll be paying him at least $500

But today,

You have the liberty to watch this video inside the member’s area of the $5K Private Mastermind at your own pace.

Special Bonus 4 (Video)

And  Stanley’s video wouldn’t be the only one you’ll have access to inside this $5K Private Mastermind…

You’ll also have the special privilege to learn from one of Africa’s greatest Copywriters in a way he has never done before.

Our next teacher isn’t just a Copywriter but a full Business man, Mentor and Best selling author.

We’re talking about the Living Legend…

Ronald Nzimora

And he’ll be speaking to you on how…

He’s grown to become highly recognized as a living legend in the African internet marketing space…

Charging nothing less than N5 Million ($10,000) per sales letter

Even more,

He’ll be sharing stuff like:

    • How he has built several multi-million dollar businesses after learning copywriting decades ago.

    • Mistakes you should avoid when building a $5k/mo  business

    • Where the big Marketing money is (even in Nigeria!)

    • How to build unshakeable authority in the internet marketing world as a Direct Response Copywriting Brand in 2022

    • If he was starting again as a Copywriter in 2022, what he would do differently

    And much more…

    He’ll be sharing all of these inside a private recording we’ll be giving you access to inside the member’s area of the $5K private mastermind with Golibe & Rachel.

Special Bonus 5

The PCI Program by Golibe

If you’re just hearing about The  PCI for the first time,

Here’s what people have been saying about the previous Practical Coaching and Implementation Programs:

These are testimonials from the Practical Coaching and Implementation Program that sold a record 65 slots and brought in thousands of dollars for students who partook in the program.

The program is currently in high demand but it has been retired.


You’ll be getting exclusive access to all the recorded videos of this course…

Every single thing.

Here are the snippets:

  • How to craft money-sucking funnels that render customers helpless longing for only you or your client’s product
  • Lead Generation
  • Nurture sequence
  • Crafting Frontend offers, Backend Offers And Upsell
  • Necessities Of Writing A Sales Copy
  • How To Conduct Market Research For Product and Service-Based Businesses
  • The Secrets To Writing Killer Headlines That Vomit Money
  • Prospect Awareness Level: The Reason A Lot Of Sales Copy Fail
  • Seamless Transitioning: If She knows, you’re in trouble 
  • The Principles Of Persuasion and Influential Communication
  • Hypnosis and the Neuroscience of Customer behaviour: Golibe’s Secrets To Selling Half A Million Dollars in Sales
  • You will also learn his unique method of creating a sales copy from start to finish

At this point, it is crystal clear the amount of value you will be getting inside the private mastermind…

And like we mentioned earlier, to gain access to all of these,

The fee of the $5k Private MasterMind With Golibe & Rachel is simply $1000 (500,000 naira) 

And it is exclusive to only 10 people

Remember, there will be nothing like this again this year.

There will be no money back guarantee,

So if you’re not serious and hungry enough,

Or you don’t see this as an opportunity that can change your financial life for good…

Then don’t bother to reach out to us,

We honestly don’t want you.

Plus, if you have always wanted to learn up close from us but you’re thinking of allowing this opportunity to pass you by because…

You feel we would have another program of this calibre again,

You’re correct.

We would have another Private Mastermind sometime in future but best believe it won’t be this year…

And the fee will be nothing less than 750,000 naira ($1,500)

Right now,

You have a rare opportunity to get into the first ever Private Mastermind with Golibe and Rachel

And this time, you have the option to pay in two installments…

250,000 naira ($500) today

250,000 naira ($500) within 30 days after your first payment.

When you click the button below,

You will be taken to a page where you will choose your payment plan.

After choosing your payment plan,

You’ll be provided with our bank accounts where you can make payment

We need not say more as 3 slots were already taken before we even considered putting these down on a page.

The ball court is in your court.


Still here?

Then you may want to have a look at this random viral tweet on American Money Twitter a few days ago:


Praises for Golibe & Rachel


“I appreciate Golibe a lot, I can’t say it enough… His storytelling and emails are exemplary”

Donnie Bryant

$100 Million American Copywriter


“Rachel is a solid copywriter and a good person

She listens and you can tell she cares about helping hit your target.

I have recommended her to a couple of people and she has not let me down.”

– Samson Ojeagbase

Marketing & Team Lead, JV Marketplace

Or Dolapo Hamzat, who bought one of these copywriting books from gurus online but was confused on where to start or what foot to put forward, after coming under Golibe’s tutelage he now has a specific direction and more importantly has made over $10,000 for himself

Traveled to Rwanda for vacation all with copywriting money.k

“ Feb 21 2021, was a day I cannot forget… Because this is the day I paid for Boss Golibe mentorship… And since then, it has been everyday of value from him… I was a copywriter before getting to him… But he taught me copywriting in the simplest way that even my younger brother can understand… And under his mentorship… I got a job offer from one of the best Affiliate marketers in Nigeria… Who is still my client to date… Thank you boss Golibe… Because if not for you, I might have given up on copywriting. Thank you.”

– Dolapo Hamzat (Direct Response Marketer & Copywriter)