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Madness: “OnlyFans” Email Technique Generates $21,850 IN 5 Days From A Dead Email List Of Just 1217 Subscribers

You Don’t Need To Spend A Single Dollar On Ads

You Don’t Need To Have More Than 300 email subscribers

When You Understand How I did This For Vlad’s Ecom Business, My Coaching Business and in 20+ Email Campaigns

You, Will, Get Ahead Of Your Competitor And Bring In A Shitload Of Money For Your Business

Hey, Golibe here.

The truth is, this is a bit embarrassing.

It takes a lot of courage to finally reveal this as at the time I discovered this email technique, 

For someone who prided himself as a million-dollar copywriter, nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience…

I have helped business owners I work with make over $1M in sales and written over 1,000 emails.

I wrote an email series for an ecom business and the business was getting a lot of unsubscribers.

This email series had an insane amount of open rate but few people unsubscribed.

I called Vlad the Ecom business owner to apologize as I didn’t know why 5 people will unsubscribe but he screamed over the phone and told me the numbers were pouring in.

“Numbers? Which numbers?”

“SALES.” Vlad said over the phone.

In the email marketing world, we measure the size of our balls with subscribers, open rates, click through rates

But the most important metric of them all is Sales.

I didn’t have access to the sales dashboard since I was just employed as a freelancer but this crazy news set the tone for what we are going to be talking about today.

You see, this OnlyFans email technique cost me unsubscribers, a near panic attack and almost embarrassed me

But then, there was a turnaround…

That same OnlyFans Email technique has made me the most money.

I have implemented it again and again for Vlad in fact he trusts me with his entire campaign now from email to sales copy to upsell pages and this is the result…

Mind you, Vlad sells just acne products which are really not expensive so $300k is a big deal.

I must WARN you though about this OnlyFans email technique

If you’re afraid of offending your readers or losing subscribers, who will never buy your products no matter how cool you’re this probably wouldn’t work for you…

Don’t worry, the OF email technique has nothing to do with porn

But as you’ll see only your true fans will stay on your list once you start deploying this technique…

Meaning those who are not your customers will be forced to leave (which is good for your business, right?)

Because now you will be able to optimize your email for maximum sales

This is why it is called a MADNESS.

So if you don’t like the idea of optimizing your email list by making some onlookers unsubscribers,

It is okay to keep using what you have been using.

But if you really want to try something new and exciting that will definitely skyrocket your sales by 2X or 3X

Then listen up.

It all started as an experiment.

Remember Vlad the ecom guy selling anti-acne products?

I 2X Vlad’s sales by infusing this OnlyFans email technique into his sales sequence.

At the time I didn’t know what it was.

Fast forward to the end of the day and sales were popping in.

I used this for two more clients then decided to test this on one of my coaching funnels 

And to make it even crazier,

I used an inactive dead list of just 1,217 people. 

The result?

Let’s talk about…

How I made $21,850 in pure profits from an OnlyFans email technique I wrote to a dead list

I have used this Only Fans email technique to help make No Bad Copy Agency make $215,000 in sales

“ I felt I cheated Golibe when I saw the number of results I was getting. Golibe came in and 18X our earnings in 6 weeks“
Dolapo Hamzat
Founder, No Bad Copy Agency

Also, after teaching this to a few of my mentees, agencies employ them to ghostwrite for them. 

Here is one of the results my mentee Habeb Badmus got for an email marketing agency owner, Ciara…

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