This is for you only if:

✅ You have a product that delivers on its promise with testimonials that show this

✅ You make at least $3K monthly already from your course or your coaching program

If you meet this two criteria,

I can help you 2 times your sales in just 37 days at no cost at all upfront

Why is this at no cost upfront? Am I a selfless saint or something?


Well I’m actually selfish…

I’m updating my portfolio to work as a consultant with a billion dollar copywriting company (Agora) & I need two detailed testimonial videos & case studies to add to the one I have to help with my argument.

So yes, criteria number 3 is…

When I get massive results for you by doubling your sales in 37 days,

✅ I need you to create a testimonial video.

If you can do these three things, let’s get on a call…

Book a call with me below so I’ll confirm that your income claims & product efficacy claims are true before we start a journey to smashing those freaking sales goals of yours

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