From the drastic rise in the dollar to the 97% increase in the price of Garri, Nigerians are beginning to get anxious and restless as they don’t know what is next… The festivities are around the corner and the hardship in the country can only get worse

After making over half a million dollars in sales for himself and his clients in the last 16 months.

Nigerian Expert Copywriter comes with GOOD NEWS. . .

“This 400-year-old overlooked system is the secret to learning copywriting fast and making at least $1000 before the festive period without giving two f*cks about what happens in the country”

Lekki, Lagos

October 2021

Shortly, you will learn how this 400-year-old system that you have practiced since you were a kid will help you make $1000 before the festive period but before then,

The festive period has always been known to bring inflation with it.

It is no news that every country on earth has a surge in prices of goods and services just before Christmas.

In fact, it is known as the Economics of Christmas…

But the average Nigerian is beginning to worry…

Nigeria already experienced an incredible amount of inflation this past year, for instance, the price of Garri.

Business Day research reports that the price of Garri had a 97% to 100% increase in the past year!!

This is what we call the common Nigerian man’s food.

Now, it doesn’t seem so common.

Or is it the latest news on the price of beans?

Nigerians are scared that if all these happened all year,

What will happen now that the usual Christmas inflation is around the corner?

Would people be able to eat?

Would people get to cater for their loved ones?

You see, earning in a foreign currency is no more a luxury.

It is now a NECESSITY.

And as Christmas & New Year draws nearer,

The cost of living will increase drastically for the average Nigerian as it always has during festive periods.

Your salary has remained the same that is if you’re employed.

As the employment rate is currently at an all-time high

Then if you’re employed, you’re most likely not paid enough because underemployment in Nigeria is monstrous

Instead of a 6% unemployment rate Nigeria currently has 33.3% and underemployment is high with 22.8%

Twitter trends, discussion forums have had Nigerians talking.

Anxiety and fear of the unknown is something that has been in the air as we all know it can only get worse.

I want to show you a high-income skill that can help you earn at least $1000 before Christmas Eve.

And this high-income skill is copywriting.

Here is the Good News:

If you know your onions as a copywriter,

The usual inflation during Christmas shouldn’t bother you,

It should make your appetite wet, it should give your account balance a huge boost.


Wikipedia Research shows that people buy a lot this festive period…

So businesses are currently in dire need of copywriters to help them outshine their competitors.

Foreign businesses especially in America, England and Australia are desperately looking for a miracle worker that would magnet these buyers who are flocking in every day to stores to buy needs for the festive season.

You’re that miracle.

And when you’re helping these business owners turn already hungry shoppers into their personal customers,

What is $1000?

If you can make $20,000 for a business what is $2,000 that they can not give you as a reward?

See, let me mention this again, people buy a lot this season compared to other months of the year

Business owners know this and they want these people who are in a buying frenzy to buy from them not their competitors.

This is why there is a current high demand for copywriters.

They need us.

They need salesmen to help them smash their yearly target and beat competitors this festive period.

Yes, a copywriter is simply a salesman in print.

A copywriter is a salesman who uses written words and the act of persuasion to sell.

And Americans need copywriters to sell out.

And the good news gets better…

You’re Cheap.

And this is not about sex or what have you,

This is about your copywriting skill.

An American copywriter will charge an American business $3000 for a job.

An African copywriter who is as good at copywriting as the American copywriter will charge $1000

Because we know the conversion rate is massive.

We don’t mind because…

$1000 × 500 = 500,000 naira

So we don’t mind charging less and these Americans know we are cheap hence they are hopelessly looking for an African copywriter who is good at his craft.

Do you think $1000 is impossible to make monthly?

Get rid of that stinking mentality.

Look at Jamiu Babs, a mentee of mine who makes $2000 monthly…

Jamiu came to me with a salary of 50,000 naira a month but he makes a million naira monthly now.

He had this to say:

"I am eternally grateful for the Copywriting lessons you've embedded in me. You took me from zero and you're gradually turning me into a hero when it comes to copywriting. My confidence has tripled just by learning and putting your teachings into practice. Thank you for all you do sir"
Jamiu Babs

Or Dolapo Hamzat, who bought one of these copywriting books but was confused on where to start or what foot to put forward, he makes about $1k now….

Even before that he was already working for a top affiliate marketer in Nigeria when he said this,

"Feb 21 2021, was a day I cannot forget... Because this is the day I paid for Boss Golibe mentorship... And since then, it has been everyday of value from him... I was a copywriter before getting to him... But he taught me copywriting in the simplest way that even my younger brother can understand... And under his mentorship... I got a job offer from one of the best Affiliate marketers in Nigeria... Who is still my client to date... Thank you boss Golibe... Because if not for you, I might have given up on copywriting. Thank you."
Dolapo Hamzat

Victoria Ade-Samuel a 300 Level student who are parents never liked the idea of an undergraduate working,

Against all odds, she makes 500 Australian dollars monthly.

She had this to say;

"Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all you've done Chief. You're not just an amazing coach but you're an amazing person as well. You becoming my Coach has been the best thing that has happened in my copywriting journey. The fact that you're good at what you do and your willingness to help out whenever you can is an attribute I admire."
Victoria Ade-Samuel

There are lots and lots of students like these who I have taken from earning a few thousand in naira in their daily jobs to earning in a foreign currency.

This has brought stability to their lives and even if the naira is dancing up and down or beans is tripling in price,

They could care less.

I will be showing you more of them but I wouldn’t paste screenshots all over the place for I’m not a maniac.

I know you would be asking by now, who is behind all these?

Who is this Golibe they speak of?

Well, I have been called a lot of names…

I have been called a marketing god

A legend,

My ability to use marketing strategies that make customers remove money from their pockets and put it in the pocket of my clients have also earned me terrible names.

One of these weirdos saw a work of mine and called me a devilish genius.

For me, this sort of comment is the best…

But I’m not here to talk about me, I am here to talk about these questions causing through your veins and the 400-year-old system that has turned nobodies into great copywriters in just 4 weeks.

So I wouldn’t want to bore you with a lot of screenshots here and there, I am not a maniac.

I will simply tell you who is writing this to you and what people I have helped in your shoes have gone on to do.

At Sheraton Hotel, Lagos speaking about copywriting & persuasion

When I introduced myself at Sheraton in April I said,

“Hello, I’m Golibe.”

I’m a nobody who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients and myself”.

You see I’m a nobody because according to the society we live in, the personalities are the:

PhD holders, the Professors, the Doctors, the Engineers…

In 2021, a lot of these personalities are broke.

Let’s not make assumptions,

Check the unemployment rate, it is at an all-time high.

Check how many PhDs owners are unemployed.

Should we now talk about MSc or common BSc?

Yes, It is now common.

The government has failed us.

The system has failed us.

And it is time you realize that “no one can save you except you.”

Nobody owes you anything.

I had to find a skill that didn’t need the internet or the influence of anybody to put money in my pocket.

A skill I can reproduce anytime any day, solve a problem, and get paid for doing so.

I found copywriting and ever since then, I have known that this is what I want to do actively for the next 9 years of my life after which I will retire financially free.

Copywriting experts and top business owners say this about me…

"Gollibe is intelligent."
Oloye Akin-Alabi
Founder of NairaBet
“ It’s nice to meet you too, Golibe. I have heard so much about you”
Ronald Nzimora
Founder of Digital Nexus Interactive and African leader in marketing
“Oh Darn! You’re doing so well, Golibe”
Abdul Qawiyy
$25 Million Marketer, Dubai
"I appreciate Golibe a lot, I can't say it enough"
Donnie Bryant
$10 Million American Copywriter
"One thing about Golibe is the way he simplifies this marketing thing, Everybody understands when Golibe teaches marketing"
Andy Mukolo
Africa’s Foremost Copywriter & Co-Founder Nairaroad
“Golibe wowed us at Dirosystems. His thought process is genius.”
Prince Chibueze
Head Tech Engineer, Dirosystems - Microsoft and Huawei Partners

Are you looking to earn in dollars in order to live a comfortable life above the naira and its shenanigans?

Are you looking to learn a high-income skill that would be bringing you CONSTANT income every month away from your salary?

Are you looking for clarity in this copywriting journey?

Are you trying to figure out the fastest path to getting good at this thing of ours and making a shitload of money from it?

Are you tired of courses and masterclasses that are all theory and not practical?

Are you tired of writing proposals on Upwork or Fiverr without getting any reply?

Are you overwhelmed with too much information on the internet from YouTube to free PDFs and you’re looking for a DEFINITE and ASSURED path to your first $1000 from writing copy?

Are you tired of cold pitching hundreds of possible clients without even being sure if what you’re doing is right?

Are you looking to make a spare 500,000 naira before the festive period begins and the prices of commodities skyrocket as usual?

Then, you’re in the right place.

You see,

Schools never teach financial literacy.

Or as Africa’s number one internet marketing influencer put it…

This is why information about wealth has not been readily available to you from childbirth.

And a thing you need to know about wealth is,

The difference between a poor man and a rich man is often information.

If you were informed bitcoin will boom, you would be bloody rich.

When Mark Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his dorm room with the start-up idea of Facebook only 3 showed up, today they are billions…

If they all had attended, they would have been informed about what Mark was cooking.

Linda Ikeji got information abroad of how lucrative blogging can be,

She started it and became a bloody millionaire

Obi Cubana modelled a business he saw somewhere in South Africa.

If he never travelled he would never have been informed.

Should I go on?

Nah, that’s enough.

I’m here to give you the right, no Bullshit information.

There is a reason you might have taken digital skill courses in the past but have nothing to show for it.

It could even be a copywriting course or two and yet you’re still not earning in dollars currently…

You see,

Courses don’t just cut it.

I hate courses.

They are just guides, nothing more.

If you want to learn something in the shortest possible time and start making a shitload of money from it,

You need to understand that your brain has been programmed a certain way for the past over 14 years of your life.

2 years – Nursery school

6 years – Primary school

6 years – Secondary school

Let’s go back to Secondary when you studied let’s say Chemistry.

  • You were given textbooks and a scheme of work on the first day of school
  • You were later taught in classrooms and given assignments
  • After this, you were taken to Chemistry Lab to practice whatever you have been taught 

This 3 processes cuts across different fields and years.

In Agricultural studies, you practice in a farm.

In Food and Nutrition studies, you enter the kitchen.

This system didn’t start today,

It is a system that has existed for 400 years.

The ancient school system has been this way for 400 years meaning one way or the other, it is freaking effective.

For example,

Horses were used as a means of transportation but they faded away.

Palm fronts and subsequently muds were used to build houses, they faded away.

Firewood was used to cook, it faded away.

But the school system remained the same.

Meaning it has been working for a freaking 400 years!!!

If not, man would have changed this process.

That is what humans love to do (make life better for themselves).

As much as I hate the school system (probably because I’m Nigerian), this system of schooling has existed for 400 years.

The reason you have taken those courses but yet have no tangible results is because they are deviating from the way your brain has been programmed.

This is 14 years of programming of the human brain.

Like in the Chemistry illustration I gave you initially…

  • You were given textbooks and a scheme of work on the first day of school (Personalization Process)

  • You were later taught in classrooms and given assignments (Visualization Process)

  • After this, you were taken to Chemistry Lab to practice whatever you have been taught (Practical Process)


When you’re given only courses or told to go read books, you are being left to stand on one leg.

Or even worse, you’re like an old man who uses a walking stick to aid his two legs to walk (meaning he uses three legs now)

He has been walking this way for over 14 years then was rendered helpless all of a sudden with just one leg.

This is why it is like this copywriting thing is just for smart people.

It is a lie.

Different people of all ages are excelling at this.

It is the teacher who has decided to be inadequate.

According to research done by Education Corner…

” Visualizing information read or relayed to you will imprint it in your mind, increasing the likelihood you’ll remember it. 

Visualization is particularly effective for memorizing systems, cycles, and processes “

So when that course owner sends you those PDFs, know that you’re missing the most important part of your learning process which is the teacher teaching you LIVE.

This is not about pre-recorded videos.

Research in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education states this…

“Using questions to teach is an age-old practice and has been a cornerstone of education for centuries.1,2 

Questions are often used to stimulate the recall of prior knowledge, promote comprehension, and build critical-thinking skills. 

Teachers ask questions to help students uncover what has been learned, to comprehensively explore the subject matter, and to generate discussion and peer-to-peer interaction. 

Student-initiated questions increase higher-order learning by requiring them to analyze information, connect seemingly disparate concepts, and articulate their thoughts”

LIVE classes allow for Question and Answer sessions.

Not just Q&A sessions but Q&A sessions from that INSTANT.

Live Questions help you understand easily and faster.

A teacher throwing questions at you and you throwing questions at the teacher makes you grounded in the field in almost no time.

This is why nothing can ever beat a live class… Nothing.

This is how the brain works.

This is why in just 3 weeks you can become good enough to charge $1000 per copywriting project and be financially buoyant enough to be comfortable this dreadful festive period

Before we go on,

Information from here is not for everybody so if you don’t relate to those questions,

Please take a leave.


The NOVEMBER Practical Coaching & Implementation Program


Here is what people have been saying about the previous Practical Coaching and Implementation Programs:

And now, it is YOUR turn to have an experience that would change the way you see copywriting but not just that

An experience that ould make you shitload of money giving you control over your life, not leaving it in the hands of the Federal Government and whatever it decides to do this festive period.

The P C I Program is structured exactly how the school system is structure…

  1. PERSONALIZE: I will be giving you a Road Map that would introduce you to copywriting even if you have never sold a thing on the internet before…

This Road Map alone brought in 473,000 naira (1,000 pounds) for Mr. Alex in January

“The first money I ever made from the internet is 1,000 pounds and Golibe made it possible. Hold this guy tight and listen to everything he says. Period."
Alex Nwakoby

This Road Map alone also made Habeeb Badmus his first 6 figures on the internet…

It is known as…

The 6 Figure Copywriter Road Map


(The beginner guide to your first 100,000 naira in Copywriting)

golibe's book cover

More on this course alone…

There are assignments embedded in this course we would be discussing and analyzing them in our first class on November 13th,

That brings us to…


Live Classes plus recorded high-value videos

This is where we would dive into taking you from just a beginner or mid copywriter to a professional.

You will learn first-hand how to write a copy that will command people to bring out their wallets and pay.

A copywriter’s worth is solely on the number of sales he makes so it is important to get good at this.

I will be dissecting everything that has to do with writing a sales letter.

We would break it down in bits over a Zoom meeting step by step.

I would also show you swipes of winning sales letters that occurred in this 21st century.

One problem a lot of people who are learning copywriting for the first time face is,

Learning too much of the old methods that are no longer applicable in 2021 and beyond.

Some of these copywriters are so stuck on using patterns that were popular in 1998.

These patterns are either too boring for modern-day customers who are very intelligent because everything is just a google search away.

Or these patterns have been overused by copywriters before us.

For instance, Gary Halbert is a copywriting legend and he was known for some kind of patterns,

These patterns are like the Holy Grail so it is great to learn them.

But everybody has been using them since his death over a decade ago.

Even Akin Alabi has Gary Halbert as his mentor you can see it in his books.

Everybody copies him.

So if you copy him, you will look so unoriginal and foreign companies detest this.

You must learn Gary Halbert’s pattern (read the Boron letters it is there)

Then learn the modern pattern of writing copies,

And finally, develop your unique pattern.

When you write, let people know it is you not some other copywriter.

So, in week 1&2, we would start from the foundation of copywriting then move over to dissecting copies, developing a unique pattern for you and, learning how to write killer copies that make people beg you to pay you.

Snippets Of What We Would Be Handling Here:

  • How to craft money-sucking funnels that render customers helpless longing for only you or your client’s product.
  • Lead Generation
  • Nurture sequence
  • Crafting Frontend offers, Backend Offers And Upsell
  • Necessities Of Writing A Sales Copy
  • How To Conduct Market Research For Product and Service-Based Businesses
  • The Secrets To Writing Killer Headlines That Vomit Money
  • Prospect Awareness Level: The Reason A Lot Of Sales Copy Fail
  • Seamless Transitioning: If She knows, you’re in trouble 
  • The Principles Of Persuasion and Influential Communication
  • Hypnosis and the Neuroscience of Customer behavior: My Secrets To Selling Half A Million Dollars in Sales
  • You will learn my unique method of creating a sales copy from start to finish

Amongst others

            3.              PRACTICALIZE

In week 3, we would be taking on Real Life project from a real brand.

A Practical Caste study.

I never had this and it affected me in so many ways but two major ways.

See, nobody out there is teaching this way in the African copywriting space.

Everybody wants to create a series of video courses or written courses for you then go to sleep while their accounts keep ringing with credit alerts.

Nobody cares again if their students are understanding or if their students are assimilating anything.

Here, we would test the knowledge you have learnt with a real business.

Just like Biology takes you to the Biology lab to SEE, believe and deeply understand.

In the July Practical Coaching and Implementation Program,

We had Mr Oli from the UK over on a discovery call bringing a copywriting problem he wanted us to solve for his business.

This doesn’t just make you put everything you have learnt together and perfect your learning as Rereoluwa experienced here…

It also does two more things to your copywriting journey:

  • You can use this brand on your CV when applying for jobs, that is, after this program, you will not be starting from ground zero.

Since this work will be used by the client, you have helped the client make whatever numbers.

So you don’t start from ground zero.

  • It gives you unfathomable confidence killing imposter syndrome

When I started out, I had taken courses learnt this and that and I knew I freaking good.

But had NO experience, so I was scared.

“What if a business trusts me with their $5,000 ad budget and I create a disaster?”

“I know I’m good but I have never done this before, I feel like a fraud telling businesses that I can help them do wonders when I have never done it before”

 These are questions that bugged me and I have received confessions right from the first Program in June saying that this was a big problem new copywriters face…

Let me emphasize on something that almost made me give up this skill that changed my life.

When I started copywriting newly, I used to pitch to clients and they would ask to go on a call with me.

But after this call (it is called a discovery call) they will ghost me and never talk to me again.

Some will tell you point-blank that they can’t work with you.

These are the same clients that will see your samples and love it but when they have their first interaction with you, they run.

This frustrated me and affected my psychology.

I had to lose a lot of clients before I figured out what was wrong.

Experience is a painful teacher when you’re ignorant.

I don’t want you to pass through this.

I will show you how to take on a project first-hand and crush it.

You will crush it so hard that your client will tell a friend about you and before you know it, you will be working with a lot of businesses.

You will become like a whore they pass around to satisfy their copywriting needs (This is the best way to never lack jobs in your life)

So, you will be:

  • Taking on a real-life practical project
  • Going on a real client acquisition and conversion journey
  • Killing imposter syndrome and learning how to take on everyday clients (Learning the copywriting skill is not same as practising)

Week 2B – MY COACHEES FAVORITE – Individual Assignments, Assignments Review & Revision (Personalize)

After working with the foreign business and client it would be time for you to put this into practice yourself.

Remember this program will go on for 4 Weeks.

But most of the time, it has a tendency to overflow into the 5th week because of the continuous immense value.

Then June batch extended into July, the July batch will definitely do same.

So this aspect will be the later stage of the program where you will have to submit assignments and projects that we would review, edit and dissect.

This conversation was happening behind my back when a graduate of the June Program was confirming the utterance of a then July coachee…

At the end of this program, you will not only be good at copywriting and writing in your unique tone, but you will also have the confidence to take on clients who will pay you at least a thousand dollars this festive period without ever doubting yourself.

80% of my current coachees confess that this is their best session.

Week 3 – Human funnel, Diabolic Positioning & Client Acquisition

Here, you would learn how to see yourself as a business and position yourself as an expert to make “ungodly” sums of money for yourself.

When you learn the details of this you will be as irresistible as a young wife to her sex-starved husband who hasn’t seen her in 11 months.

Business owners will look for you.

(I would have shared more screenshots of DMs and emails as I did above but a lot of them are confidential)


  1. Inbound client acquisition: The Magnetic Effect – This is my forte as I have been called by numerous real-life marketing influencers to talk about this. You should attract more than you pitch.
  • The Human Funnel: After teaching you how to create a funnel that vomits green paper, I would go ahead to practically show you what a human funnel is all about
  • The Power Of One in Client Acquisition
  • Diabolic Positioning
  1. Outbound client acquisition: Stop looking for clients like they are doing you a favour. YOU’RE THE ONE SOLVING THEIR PROBLEMS.

They need you and the moment you understand this, you wouldn’t go seeking jobs like a desperate beggar begging from crumbs.

I will be giving you high-value content videos on client Acquisition from SuperStar Guest Speakers from all over the world.

These guys are freaking specialists in their fields so these videos are worth thousands of dollars as it is from an exclusive community that is not open to everybody.

It is a series of Superstar Guest Speakers talking about how to thrive seamlessly in the foreign market without them considering you as a second language speaker.

See, what most people out there wouldn’t tell you is there is something called FIRST language speakers and SECOND Language speakers.People who aren’t Americans, British and Australians are considered Second language speakers.

So even if the only language you know in the world is English, you’re not considered a first language speaker because you’re African or Asian.

There are certain things you need to know that will easily make you acquire foreign clients and retain them.

The money is in the clients that keep coming back for your service not in new clients

You will be learning more about this in this series.

Episode 1- Becoming An A-lister’s Whore:

Dammy Azeez has worked with the big shots in the game.

Chris Haddad, David Deutsch, John Caparni and a whole lot of Billion dollar copywriters.

After making thousands of dollars in this thing known as copywriting,

He comes to share his methodology.

“The A-lister’s whore”, like I like to call him.

The American gods in this industry pass him around like a whore.

They use him, pay him and pass him to their colleagues just like you would treat a whore.

As there are passing him around, he is picking up $2000, $4,500, $8,000 along the way.

This is what we distilled into a 2-hour video course where we talked about his story and how he did from a 3rd world country like Nigeria.

This course is worth $300 alone but I will be giving it to you as a free special bonus if you get into the Practical Coaching and Implementation Program.

“Golibe, the truth is I have not seen anyone who is this passionate. You have made half a million dollars and you still have time to guide newbie copywriters to the right part. I love this community. Keep doing what you do.”
Dammy Azeez

Episode 2: Bright Djedje – The LinkedIn Strategy to your first million naira ($2,500)

Bright is considered one of the best Financial copywriters in Africa.

After making $250,000 for his client and getting paid a sweet percentage of that in his first few months as a copywriter,

He honors my invitation to speak on Client Acquisition using LinkedIn

Episode 3: Hassan Ajanaku – $800 in 6 Days Of Consistency Using The Video Value System 

Hassan has hacked the Australian market and makes $800 for himself every 6 days filtering the amount of work he does because they often get surplus.

He rejects some job offers and takes on only 3 jobs a month.

In this episode, Hassan talked about how to acquire clients using a video value system and some other tips I just can’t reveal.

But understand this,

The aim is to work with 2 or 3 clients a month who will pay you good money for a few hours of work weekly

FINALLY, You will also gain personal access to me.

My opinions, my advice for any project you want to take on within the next 6 months.

The amount of value those two lines you just read contain should be worth more than everything. If you know… You know.

The NOVEMBER practical coaching and implementation program barely has a particular monetary value.

I consult for business monthly at 500,000 naira per month.

Meaning if you were to pay for this, on a normal day that isn’t from now to 17th November, it would be nothing less than 500,000 naira that’s barely a thousand dollars

And let’s not forget, I’m taking you on a practical journey here.

I would be having sessions with you 3 or 4 times a week.

It is pure, undiluted drilling, not like how I would handle a regular business on Lagos Island.

And should we add the value of every high-value video you will be getting?

But you would not pay 500,000 naira.

Don’t worry.

Not even half of it. (100,000 naira)

But before we talk about the price,

I will be giving you some FREE special bonuses that are very valuable.


Never take these Free BONUSES for granted

People are paying for each of them individually.

They all have their respect money value which they are sold for so the fact that they are Free Special Bonuses doesn’t mean they are just additives.

Okay, let’s go…

FREE SPECIAL BONUS 1: First Inner Circle Cloud Meeting

I was in a closed cloud meeting with my inner circle.

I taught them Client Acquisition and how to see your freelance business as a brand with a marketing funnel.

This is 2 hours of deep value.

Useful to people who are seeking to attract clients like a magnet to themselves not to go chasing after them.

And even if you do, you do it at a certain level where the odds of landing the client is in your favor

This session anywhere in the world would be sold for $197 (98,500) upwards.

And more…

FREE SPECIAL BONUS 2: Like A Surgeon, Let’s dissect (The Anatomy Of A Million-Dollar Sales Letter)

I have a series of 5 videos where I have dissected different real copy from this 21st Century that brought in at least a million dollars in sales.

In each of these videos, I’m dissecting the anatomy of a winning sales letter and bringing out every quality that makes it stand out.

What does this do?

This helps you understand beyond measure everything you have learnt in copywriting.

It solidifies and melts these copywriting lessons into your brain.

This alone is worth 50,000 naira.

And more…


Modern Million Dollar Swipe Files Of Sales Copy That Did Wonders plus a retired copywriter’s unpopular copy that changed the Food & Sex market.

I wouldn’t say much on this.


I have seen businesses crumble due to lack of autonomy, lack of total control.

Twitter was banned in Nigeria. India banned 59 applications.

China doesn’t use Gmail or WhatsApp or Facebook.

Your government can wake up one day and render you broke if they decide to ban the social media platform you use the most.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is owned by one man.

On March 19th, 2021, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp stopped working for some minutes.

A lot of business transactions were put on hold because of this singular act.

So much power is held by one CEO.

What am I trying to say?

If your business depends so much on a single man or the government…

It is only a matter of time before one of those policies or decisions affect you.

People were killing it on Instagram until they changed their algorithms and engagements dropped.

People were killing it on Facebook until everyone decided to move on to other platforms, now a lot of people see Facebook as a dead app only for advertising.

You need full control over your business and learning Email Marketing the right way is the best thing you can do for your business.

But not only that,

Email marketing when done right will help you bond with your audience and in turn make you a truckload of money.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Australian multi-millionaire, Sabri Suby, popular for his billion-dollar company which has helped over 250,000 businesses and the author of the book, ‘Sell Like Crazy’ once said this…

“ If you had to strip me down naked, take everything I’ve got, and leave me with nothing except for one marketing weapon of choice, what do you think it would be? 

My contacts? JV partnerships? Google rankings? My ability to turn ice-cold traffic on Facebook into profit? 

Nope! I would choose email! Why? 

Email outperforms every other marketing channel. 


And one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is not building an email list from day one. 

Email is the bedrock of my business today. 

It’s by far my #1 source of revenue. It’s how I communicate with my community, launch new services, and reach my customers. 

Email is the engine that’s generated millions of dollars for my business — more than every other channel we’ve used combined.”

I will be showing you how I have hacked this email marketing thing with little effort and much profit.

So much to the extent that over 10 Million dollar copywriter, the American Donnie Bryant has used my emails as case studies in his groups and sessions.

There are a lot of these email testimonials but can you permit me to slide in just 2 of them?

You’re a genius in this profession…

Oh! One more…

No matter how busy I get I always make sure I read your emails…

I am so emotional with people in my inner circle (email list) and they know how much I love them.

Now for your grand bonus…


Hold up, this wouldn’t come alone…

I will also be sending you an Email Cheatsheet of 20 emails of mine, and exactly the reason they performed excellently well.

We would dissect these emails LIVE.

So it is a combo plus live sessions known as the 7 Figure Email Marketer & Email Cheatsheet Combo

This cheatsheet would serve as a template for any email you will ever write,

All you will need to do is Copy, Personalize to suit your audience and personality, then Paste.

At the end of this session alone, you would be capable of generating $500 in 8 days.

Let’s not reveal everything to the copycats lurking.

This grand bonus is currently sold for 17,500 naira

So, how much would the November Practical Coaching and Implementation program cost?

Shall we do a quick calculation?

I have been employed for 3 weeks to train a staff strength of 3 for 500,000 naira

So it is not wishful thinking when I say a Practical Coaching Program where I will be giving my all, reviewing your assignment and project, leading you by holding your hands every step of the way…

That 3 weeks program is worth the barest minimum of 500,000 naira.

Then the invitation of Special Guest speakers?

Those courses will be sold for at least $97 anywhere.

But let’s say there are worth $50 (25,000 naira) for the 3 videos = 75,000 naira

The Inner Circle Cloud Video is worth 98,500 naira

The Copy Dissection Video is worth 50,000 naira

The Grand Bonus Email Course & Cheatsheet is currently sold for 17,500 naira 

500,000 naira + 75,000 naira + 98,500 naira + 50,000 naira + 17,500 naira = 741,000 naira

That is the monetary value of this program.

But you will be paying 50,000 naira today.

And I’m strictly taking 15 people.

See, ask around…

I have sold out the June PCI program, July PCI Program, September PCI Program having to reject a whole lot of people who came begging even with more money.

Nothing will move me, I only take 15 people.

I’m only human so I can’t handle dozens and dozens of people.

I want to focus on just 15 people and squeeze out the best from them.

It is a practical-focused and value-driven concentrated class.

It is not for everybody.

If you want to make at least $1000 before the festive period earning in a foreign currency to stay above whatever this economy throws at us…

Gain Access to the November Practical Coaching and Implementation Program below:

Why is it ridiculously cheap?

I know you have seen courses that are worth 25,000 naira with some recorded videos or 30,000 naira ith just written PDFs.

So why would someone who has made over half a million dollars in sales offer this up for 50,000 naira alone?

Well, I will teach you this in details but there is a popular saying in marketing that goes,

“ The money is at the backend not the frontend”

My aim is, when I mesmerize you with so much value and get you making $1000, $2000, $3000 monthly…

You will come back and pay for my $500 like Harsha from the June Program,

Or Valerie


And so on. 

50,000 naira is not where the money is, even though I love to teach and see my students get immense results,

All humans are selfish by nature and that is my selfish reason for making it ridiculously low.

We have talked about the festive period,

What about the thing that waits for us after it?

Or do you forget what January can look like?

Even after the festive periods, Mr. January will come with its issues.

If earning in a foreign currency is not something you have considered on till now then maybe someone is footing your bills…

Maybe you don’t care about the freedom that comes when you stop worrying about every single debit from your bank account…

Maybe you don’t care about time convenience that is the capability of having enough time to pursue your other interests like spend time with family, travel, buy a house

Or maybe just maybe you don’t mind if you’re living insecurely from hand to mouth, a constant salary, increased transportation fare, rise in prices of food, working tirelessly to pay medical bills of a loved one.


If these things concern you and you’re ready to…


  • Turn up every week in the evening on weekdays and weekends for 3 weeks


  • Do your assignment and project


  • Continuously ask any question at all in class


Then gain access to this program for just 50,000 naira.


When you look at the fact that you can start earning $1000 immediately after the completion of this coaching program on 11th December then the price becomes useless.


What I really need to see is your dedication.


If you cannot show up at least 50% of the time, do not pay for this program.


Watching how it’s done is 10X better than reading….

100% Money-Back Guarantee


If after this program you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, I will give you an instant refund.

As far as you showed up for 2 or 3 classes.

You take this program and you decide that you didn’t get enough value for your money?

I will refund you ASAP no questions asked.

You will have to do is sending me an email at using this format…



It is crazy that I have coached over 50 students using this 400-year-old system and none has asked for a refund.

changed my life

The risk is no longer on your shoulder.


It is now up to me to meet your expectations and surpass it.


That is how freaking confident I’m that this will work as it has worked for people of all ages, Asian, African, European.


Click the link below to gain your no-risk access to the November PCI Program and start earning in dollars in no time.

There are 15 slots only.


I don’t know when you’ll be reading this but I wouldn’t come here to continuously update how many slots are remaining.

Once we reach our desired number of 15 slots, this page will disappear, it is that simple.

I would love to make you dangerous

I teared up on my birthday, the impact matters most to me…

YouTube is sometimes not enough.


Confessions of Bukola…


He discovered other courses but chose this because he needed “hands-on training”

You can’t teach what you’re not great at…

You might be great at something but be a terrible teacher too…

The results my free content has been getting for people…

gideon testimonial

Free content so good it had to be stolen, how much more paid…

It is worth it even at 100,000 naira…

Africa’s Highest Paid Marketing Strategist, Johnson Emmanuel, Founder of Havanzer and Creator of 9 MULTI-MILLION DOLLARS Marketing Strategies has endorsed my content not once, not twice…

"Getting Golibe's services should top the list of one of the best things in the world. His copywriting skill is commendable and it is something anyone that is starting up would surely need."
Arinze Odira
Pilot, business investor and Founder of Maharapaasiparo Trading Company