Give Me 45 Days And I’m Going To Show You How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams On Your Terms

And Comfortably Take Care Of Your Loved Ones Doing Exactly What I Do

Victoria Ade-Samuel a 300 Level student who are parents never liked the idea of an undergraduate working,

Against all odds, she makes 500 Australian dollars monthly.

She had this to say,

"Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all you've done Chief. You're not just an amazing coach but you're an amazing person as well. You becoming my Coach has been the best thing that has happened in my copywriting journey. The fact that you're good at what you do and your willingness to help out whenever you can is an attribute I admire."
Victoria Ade-Samuel

Or Dolapo Hamzat, who bought one of these copywriting books from gurus online but was confused on where to start or what foot to put forward, after coming under my tutelage he now has a specific direction and more importantly now makes about $1k now….

Even before this win he got a job with a top affiliate marketer in Nigeria just weeks after the end of our class he said this,

"Feb 21 2021, was a day I cannot forget... Because this is the day I paid for Boss Golibe mentorship... And since then, it has been everyday of value from him... I was a copywriter before getting to him... But he taught me copywriting in the simplest way that even my younger brother can understand... And under his mentorship... I got a job offer from one of the best Affiliate marketers in Nigeria... Who is still my client to date... Thank you boss Golibe... Because if not for you, I might have given up on copywriting. Thank you."
Dolapo Hamzat

Around here,

All we do is write about exciting topics like…

Finance, cars, health, tech, energy, sports, cooking, survival, etc

And get paid very well to do it – up to N100,000 per project for beginners.

What we do is called COPYWRITING

And we are called COPYWRITERS

This simply means:

We help business owners, startup founders, CEOs and creators write words that make people take a particular action.

That action may be to:

  • Buy a product
  • Sign up for an email list
  • Pay for a service
  • Donate to charity
  • Watch a video, etc

And contrary to what you may be thinking,

My students and I are not even gifted writers like Chimamanda Adichie or Wole Soyinka…

We’re just a bunch of young Nigerians ready to put in the required work to improve our financial situation

And so far you’ve been able to read everything I’ve written up to this point…

And you can write it back

And you have a burning desire to succeed & make good legitimate income in 2022

Then, that’s all you need to take care of your own financial worries.

In other words,

You’re welcome to join us!

The exciting thing about what we do as Copywriters is the freedom to work from anywhere…

You can get your job done from the kitchen, the beach, your bed, the restaurant or even in the toilet!

So far you have access to the internet…

And a good smartphone (the one you’re using to read this will do)

Then you’re good to go!

Like I mentioned earlier,

I’ll be sending you some of my best materials to help you get started.

So, very quickly,

Here’s everything you’ll be getting from me today:


The 6 figure Copywriter roadmap

golibe's book cover

This is a beginner course that gently works you through the Necessities of writing a sales message that brings in hundreds of millions as I have done for my clients and myself.

A Course that would fully equip you to make at least 100,000 naira using copywriting.

That’s not my claim though, listen to what Habeeb Badmus had to say about this course

“ I made my first 150,000 naira in copywriting after reading the 6 Figure Copywriter Road Map, I wrote a copy that brought in 2 Million in few days for my employers who were stunned"
Habeeb Badmus
Email Copywriter

2. My Talk at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos On Principles Of Persuasion and Influence

If you want to excel at selling anything, you need to understand how to influence people.

You might not knowing but telling people to buy a product is a very uncomfortable decision and humans like you and I love comfort zones.

So bringing people to take a decision even if it is to comment on a post and get free cupcakes is not as easy as you think talk more of telling people to give up their hard-earned money for you.

You need to understand the principles of persuasion, influence and how to genuinely care for your customer.

It is that genuine empathy that makes you stand out.

I was a guest speaker at an event at the most expensive hotel in Nigeria.

I talked about different topics ranging from Emotions to Principles of Persuasion and Influence to Empathy

You will be getting this talk plus a complimentary guide today.

3. Like Surgeon’s Let’s Dissect (The Anatomy Of A Multi Million Dollar Sales Copy)

It is not just about knowing copywriting formulas and jargon, do you know how to implement it in a copy?

Here we did a practical dive into the anatomy of a million-dollar sales copy.

4. The Inner Circle Meeting

Here, we discussed:

  • Diabolic Positioning (the act of positioning yourself as an expert to rack in a shitload of money)
  • You’re a brand like Amazon (Freelancers should treat themselves as a full-blown business, if they don’t they would end up neglected and broke. You need to understand that you’re a brand like Amazon)
  • Human Funnel

5. Inner Circle subscription

My emails are considered world class teaching on marketing and Copywriting.

I would be sending you an email almost everyday continuously guiding you on your journey

maryann testimonial

10 Million dollar + copywriter, the American Donnie Bryant has used my emails as case studies in his groups and sessions.

There are a lot of these email testimonials but can you permit me to slide in just 2 of them?

No matter how busy I get I always make sure I read your emails…

gideon testimonial

I need not say too much about how this will impact your ability to sell in your business or as a freelance copywriter.

And if you’re serious about putting in the work,

You can take all I’ll be teaching you inside my emails,

Plus everything you’ll be learning from these materials…

To create a better life for yourself and your family.

Right now,

I can almost hear you say:

“All these for FREE? what’s the catch?”

Well, there isn’t really a catch

Just a small commitment fee to show that you’re really serious about improving your financial situation…

And just wait until you see the amount

You’ll wonder if I’ve lost my mind

(I promise, I haven’t)

But before then,

Here are a few things I’d like you to know before you join us today:

  1. You need to be ready to put in 30 mins everyday into reading the emails I will send to you daily and of course study the content I will be sending you. These are keys to your first 100,000 naira from copywriting.


        2.  I’m someone passionate about this copywriting thing so I use any analogy that I deem fit in my emails.

If you’re not comfortable with me using sex as analogy or pastors as an analogy, there is no need signing up just leave.

In essence, if you’re not an open-minded person, you will not like my emails


    3. I will mesmerize you with practical simple knowledge like you have never seen before. It will hurt me if you don’t take them seriously because this is a giveaway in order to make new inner circle friends doesn’t mean you should take any awoof here for granted.

So, if these sound like you…

And you’re okay with everything I’ve said so far…

And you’re interested in getting started right away,

Your investment today is just N1,500 only

Again, you’ll be getting:

  1. The 6 Figure Copywriter Road Map – The Last Course You Will Take To Make Your First 100,000 naira as a Copywriter
  2. Principles Of Persuasion & Influence – Sheraton Talk
  3. Like Surgeon’s, Let’s Dissect (The Anatomy Of A Million Dollar Sales Copy)
  4. The Inner Circle Meeting (Diabolic positioning, The Human Funnel)
  5. Inner Circle Subscription 

And you’ll have lifetime access to these materials plus my daily emails…

Where you’ll get helpful information and guides to take you from beginner to pro real quick.


Even if I’m capping this at just one year’s access…

Let’s do a little calculation

1500 ÷ 365 = 4.1

You’re still spending less than N5 a day for something that will change your life for good…

That’s way lesser than what you spend on pure water everyday.

So, there’s no need for long talk

If you think N1,500 is too much,

Then you’re not a good fit for this offer…

And this is your cue to close this page and move on with your day.

I only take in people who are serious about changing their lives.

Still here?


Interested in taking this offer and improving your financial situation in 2022?

Click the link below to get started today.

Why am I even giving you access to all of these at such a ridiculously low price?

Well, let’s just say I don’t want money to be an obstacle for you.

We both know what the Economic situation of the country is saying right now…

And I don’t want that to be the reason you’re not taking advantage of this rare opportunity to join a small group of smart & comfortable young Nigerians…

And change your financial situation in 2022.


I mean,

Look at your account balance

Look at it long and hard

Do you like what you see there?

And if you continue like this will you be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones as much as you want to?

This has been a heartfelt conversation from me to you.

I’ve taken my time to put together these helpful resources that’ll put you on the way to living your best life in 2022 and beyond…

And I can only hope that you take advantage of everything I’ve shared with you here…

Starting from now.

In 2022,

You could look back on today as the day you changed your life for good.

But then, that decision is entirely up to you…

And whatever you decide right now is fine.

Choose what you feel is best for you.


-Golibe Ilechukwu

Direct Response Marketer & Copywriting Coach.

"Golibe is intelligent"
Oloye Akin Alabi

Founder, NairaBet

" One thing about Golibe is the way he simplifies this marketing thing, Everybody understands when Golibe teaches marketing"
Andy Mukolo

Africa’s Foremost Copywriter & Co-Founder Nairaroad

“ It’s nice to meet you too, Golibe. I have heard so much about you”
Ronald Nzimora
Founder of Digital Nexus Interactive and African leader in marketing
“Oh Darn! You’re doing so well, Golibe”
Abdul Qawiyy
$25 Million Marketer, Dubai