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After making over half a million dollars in sales for his clients in 12 months and surveying 236 freelance copywriters, Expert Copywriter reveals…

“This 400-year-old overlooked system is the secret to learning copywriting fast and taking home at least $2000 monthly in the next 4 weeks”

Elegushi, Lekki

Lagos, Nigeria

November 2021

You need to end the year on a high and spend money on your loved ones this festive season and this could just be all you need…

changed my life

I don’t think you get it but for someone to make such a statement… It should not be taken lightly

There is a reason you have taken copywriting courses in the past and are yet to get results.

Contrary to what you may have been pushed to believe, you’re not unintelligent, you’re not undisciplined, you’re not lazy…

If lazy people were broke, I would be living on the couch in my parent’s sitting room flipping from one channel to another (I am lazy 70% of the time).

And this is not to tell you how lucrative copywriting is, you should already know that,

Every business needs a copywriter.

Statistics as of 6th April 2021, show that 70% of businesses fail within their first 2 to 5 years and the reason is often due to lack of proper research and poor strategy.

These are a copywriter’s basic skills.

Other statistics show that 305 million new businesses are created every single year.

So it is no news that copywriters are in such high demand all over the world and saying that you will earn $2,000 monthly is simply being modest.

Because people pay professionals based on the amount of value they provide.

Medical doctors are paid more than cleaners in a hospital because medical doctors save lives and cleaners to just clean (no offence to cleaners).

That’s how the world works.

So businesses exist for one single thing… Buying and selling.

If you make a whole lot of money for business owners as a copywriter,

Why wouldn’t they pay you a shitload of money?

Make $20,000 get $2000

That’s just 10% of what you’re making for them.

Don’t forget,

Your pay is directly proportional to the magnitude of the problem you solve.

You’re in high demand, never forget.

But before we go on,

Are you looking for clarity in this copywriting journey?

Are you trying to figure out the fastest path to getting good at this thing of ours and making a shitload of money from it?

Are you tired of courses and masterclasses that are all theory and no practical?

Are you tired of writing proposals on Upwork or Fiverr without getting any reply?

Are you tired of cold pitching hundreds of possible clients without even being sure if what you’re doing is right?

Are you struggling with learning copywriting and because you’re broke, you’re finding it hard to make a breakthrough?

Then, you’re in the right place.

How do I know about these problems?

You see, I have been called different names like…

I have been called a marketing god

A legend,

My ability to use marketing strategies that make customers remove money from their pockets and put it in the pocket of my clients have also earned me terrible names

One of these weirdos saw a work of mine and called me a devilish genius.

For me this sort of comment is the best…

But I’m not here to talk about me, I am here to talk about these questions causing through your veins and the 400-year-old system that has turned nobodies into great copywriters in just 4 weeks.

So I wouldn’t want to bore you with a lot of screenshots here and there, I am not a maniac.

I will simply tell you who is writing this to you and what people I have helped in your shoes have gone on to do.

At Sheraton Hotel, Lagos speaking about copywriting & persuasion

When I introduced myself at Sheraton in April I said,

“Hello, I’m Golibe.

I’m a nobody who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients and myself”.

You see I’m a nobody because according to the society we live in, the personalities are the:

Ph.D. holders, the Bishops, the Professors, the Doctors, the Engineers…

In 2021, a lot of these personalities are broke.

Let’s not make assumptions,

Check the unemployment rate, it is at an all-time high.

Check how many PhDs owners are unemployed.

Should we now talk about MSc or common BSc?

Yes, It is now common.

The government has failed us.

The system has failed us.

And it is time you realize that “no one can save you except you.”
Nobody owes you anything.

I had to find a skill that didn’t need the internet or the influence of anybody to put money in my pocket.

A skill I can reproduce anytime any day, solve a problem, and get paid for doing so.

I found copywriting and ever since then, I have known that this is what I want to do actively for the next 10 years of my life.

Copywriting experts and top business owners say this about me…

"I appreciate Golibe a lot, I can't say it enough"
Donnie Bryant
8 figure American Copywriter
" One thing about Golibe is the way he simplifies this marketing thing, Everybody understands when Golibe teaches marketing"
Andy Mukolo
Golibe, wowed us at Dirosystems. His thought process is genius.
Prince Chibueze
Head Tech Engineer, Dirosystems, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Working with Microsoft partners and NCDC (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control) is something I should talk about often.

"Getting Golibe's services should top the list of one of the best things in the world. His copywriting skill is commendable and it is something anyone that is starting up would surely need"
Arinze Odira
Pilot, business investor and Founder of Maharapaasiparo Trading Company

I received complaints from copywriters who after buying one course or the other get frustrated and oftentimes get psychologically down,

I decided to do a survey.

I surveyed over 210 freelance copywriters over 6 months and discovered that this pain is common.

I decided to create a system that will combat this.

In the process of creating one, I made some findings…

I discovered that there is NOTHING TO CREATE.

The system has already been in existence for 400 years.

I mirrored this already existing system and the testimonies abound…

473,000 naira made in exactly 5 weeks by Mr Alex,

I mirrored this already existing system and the testimonies abound…

473,000 naira made in exactly 5 weeks by Mr. Alex,

Funny enough, that was just 1 thousand pounds.

Jamiu currently earns $2000 monthly, that is bigger than the salary of a Professor or Bank Manager in Nigeria…

Mr. Habeeb had a rough start, his first pay was 30k last year.

He is now swimming in money far more than that because of the amount of RESULTS he brought in for ONE client.

Results are everything.

The question probably on your mind now is:

What is this system for God’s sake?

Let’s go back some years, when you wanted to learn Chemistry or any subject back then in secondary school, there were 3 stages to it:

  • The teacher teaches you in class (Visualize)
  • You get a textbook & workbook (Personalize)
  • You go to the laboratory (Practicalize)

As much as I hate the school system (probably because I’m Nigerian), this system of schooling has existed for 400 years and it didn’t exist for all those years for no reason.

Horses were used as a means of transportation but they faded away.

Palm fronts and subsequently muds were used to build houses, they faded away.

Firewood was used to cook, it faded away.

But the school system remained the same.

Meaning it has been working for a freaking 400 years!!!

If not, man would have changed this process.

That is what humans love to do (make life better for themselves).

  • Visualize
  • Personalize
  • Practicalize 

The reason you can’t seem to understand this copywriting thing is because instead of these course creators to try and make this 400-year-old process better,

They ignore it entirely.

They only give you a course that is equivalent to a textbook & maybe a workbook (if these courses have templates)

You have been schooling since you were a 4-year-old and this is how you were taught in nursery school.

There is always a painting or coloring class

There are assignments

The teachers mark your assignments INDIVIDUALLY.

And correct you need be.

This is how your brain has been programmed for:

2 years – Nursery school

6 years – Primary school

6 years – Secondary school

This is 14 years of programming of the human brain.

When you’re given only courses or told to go read books, you are being left to stand on one leg.

Or even worse, you’re like an old man who uses a walking-stick to aid his two legs to walk (meaning he uses three legs now)

He has been walking this way for over 14 years then was rendered helpless all of a sudden with just one leg.

This is why it is like this copywriting thing is just for smart people.

It is a lie.

It is the teacher who has decided to be inadequate.

According to research done by Education Corner…

” Visualizing information read or relayed to you will imprint it in your mind, increasing the likelihood you’ll remember it. 

Visualization is particularly effective for memorizing systems, cycles, and processes “

So when that course owner sends you those PDFs, know that you’re missing the most important part of your learning process which is the teacher teaching you LIVE.

This is not about pre-recorded videos.

Research in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education states this…

“Using questions to teach is an age-old practice and has been a cornerstone of education for centuries.1,2 

Questions are often used to stimulate the recall of prior knowledge, promote comprehension, and build critical-thinking skills. 

Teachers ask questions to help students uncover what has been learned, to comprehensively explore the subject matter, and to generate discussion and peer-to-peer interaction. 

Student-initiated questions increase higher-order learning by requiring them to analyze information, connect seemingly disparate concepts, and articulate their thoughts”

LIVE classes allow for Question and Answer sessions.

Not just Q&A sessions but Q&A sessions from that INSTANT.

Live Questions help you understand easily and faster.

A teacher throwing questions at you and you throwing questions at the teacher makes you grounded in the field in almost no time.

This is why nothing can ever beat a live class… Nothing.

This is how the brain works and this is why in 4 weeks you can become good enough to charge $2000 per copywriting project.

This brings us to the second part (PERSONALIZE)

Imagine back then in secondary school, you were given textbooks and maybe workbooks and the teachers told you to go home…

Prepare for exams, read your textbooks and workbooks.

Would you genuinely read it and understand it deeply?

You will only rush it when exams are coming closer.

This is the same reason I hate the school system,

People who can cram the most will pass the most

Exams are not the true test of understanding.

Let’s come back to the copywriting world,

A course creator just gives you a course with assignments and tells you to go and become good.

You will find it so complex!

You will find it so heavy.

“Where do I start from?”

“How do I go about this?”

These are things that would be going through your mind.

It takes a truly determined mind to go through it all and that is just 20% of people…

This is why the Personalization process is hard without someone there to help you visualize.

This is why 80% of people drop the course almost as soon as they buy it.

And little wonder Goodness had this to say,

Ushering us into the final phase…


I have been trying to copy this since I launched it in May and started my first program in June.

This particular process is something no one has ever done before in this space,

Something special that will kill any lack of confidence you have or any imposter syndrome.

Going to the lab to run practical in biology or acid, bases, and salt in Chemistry or going to the farm in Agriculture class…

It means you have become good at others and you’re ready to put it to work

This is the final stage

A very important stage.

You can’t learn to ride a bike or drive a car only through written courses or YouTube videos,

You need to EXPERIENCE IT, you need to fall from the bike or make a wrong move with a car…

Experience is still the best teacher.

This takes you miles ahead of every other person and that is what I will be showing you.

But don’t take my word on this, listen to research…

RESEARCH reaffirms that practical education boosts a student’s self-esteem, knowledge and skill (both educationally and on the outside world), and enhances their transition into working life.

  • IT Pro Portal

Do you have imposter syndrome? Where after taking that course you have a sort of fear of taking on jobs. A fear to charge clients your worth,

This Practical part in this methodology I created will banish such thoughts.

After solidifying this my VPP methodology which has been existing for 400 years,

I tested it and these are a few copywriters who sent in their testimonies…

"Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all you've done Chief. You're not just an amazing coach but you're an amazing person as well. You becoming my Coach has been the best thing that has happened in my copywriting journey. The fact that you're good at what you do and your willingness to help out whenever you can is an attribute I admire."
Victoria Ade-Samuel
"Feb 21 2021, was a day I cannot forget... Because this is the day I paid for Boss Golibe mentorship... And since then, it has been everyday of value from him... I was a copywriter before getting to him... But he taught me copywriting in the simplest way that even my younger brother can understand... And under his mentorship... I got a job offer from one of the best Affiliate marketers in Nigeria... Who is still my client to date... Thank you boss Golibe... Because if not for you, I might have given up on copywriting. Thank you."
Dolapo Hamzat
"I am eternally grateful for the Copywriting lessons you've embedded in me. You took me from zero and you're gradually turning me into a hero when it comes to copywriting. My confidence has tripled just by learning and putting your teachings into practice. Thank you for all you do sir"
Jamiu Babs
"I tried copywriting for 2 years and failed... Mind you, I paid for lots of courses in this period... And just when I thought I didn't have any hope of mastering copywriting, I decided to give it one last shot by contacting my guy, Golibe Ilechukwu. He took it upon himself to walk me through the journey of mastering this amazing skill. Man, the things I learned in 3 months, I've not learned in the 3 years I've spent in the University... He's highly rated in my books and a top, top guy overall"
Fisayo Rotibi
changed my life

Your brain has been programmed for at least 14 years of your life to learn anything deeply using the Visualize, Personalize and Practicalize methodology.

Unconsciously this is how you learn, no matter your age, this is how effective it has been for 400 years.

Here is what people have been saying about the June batch:


The NOVEMBER Practical Coaching & Implementation Program

Here is what people have been saying about the June batch:

And now, it is YOUR turn to have an experience that would change the way you see copywriting.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, it is all in your head.

The Thinking.

The Thought process.

That is where you start to differentiate yourself from other copywriters.

Whether you like it or not, it is a competition and you need to standout before you can land these jobs that pay you $2000 and above seamlessly.

It starts from your thought process.

But let’s dive into how this VPP Learning Process will help you:

  • Become a great copywriter fast (In 4weeks)
  • Defeat Imposter Syndrome
  • And have client’s entering your DM to work with you

By the time we are done with this one week exercise, you will never know such a thing again.

You will be as confident as a king who knows his powers.

So, you will be:

  • Taking on real-life practical project
  • Go on a real client acquisition and conversion journey
  • Kill imposter syndrome and learn how to take on everyday clients

We were on a call with Mr. Oli from the UK in the July class of this Program breaking down his brand

Let’s not forget that the brand we will work with can be added to your portfolio/CV

So when you’re done with this program, it is not a clean slate…

You can say I have worked with this American Health brand or whatever brand we would be working on.

So when business owners hit you with, “have you done a job in the past?”

You will tell them yes, you have garnered experience working with this American brand that we worked with in the course of this program



How would you make $1000 before Christmas Eve though?

We would be having a 7-Day marathon of business owners turning up on our live classes to pitch their businesses to us.

You would work on them and get paid for it.


7 Days Marathon Business Owner Magnet – Client Prospecting and Discovery Call

Affiliate Program:

I believe that if you have not experienced the program, you can not truly sell it to anybody.

So from week 1 to week 2…


You will learn first-hand how to write a copy that will command people to bring out their wallets and pay.

A copywriter’s worth is solely on the number of sales he makes.

I will be dissecting everything that has to do with writing a sales letter.

We would break it down in bits over a zoom meeting step by step.

I would also show you swipes of winning sales letters that occurred in this 21st century.

One problem a lot of people who are learning copywriting for the first time face is,

Learning too much of the old methods that are no longer applicable in 2021.

Some of these copywriters are so stuck on using patterns that were popular in 1998

These patterns are either too boring for modern-day customers who are very intelligent because everything is just a google search away.

Or these patterns have been overused by copywriters before us.

For instance, Gary Halbert is a copywriting legend and he was known for some kind of patterns,

These patterns are like the Holy Grail so it is great to learn them.

But everybody has been using them since his death over a decade ago.

Even Akin Alabi has Gary Halbert as his mentor.

Everybody copies him.

So if you copy him, you will look so generic.

You must learn Gary Halbert’s pattern (read the Boron letters it is there)

Then learn the modern pattern of writing copies,

And finally, develop your unique pattern.

When you write, let people know it is you not some other copywriter.

So, in week 1&2, we would start from the foundation of copywriting then move over to dissecting copies, developing a unique pattern for you and, learning how to write killer copies that make people beg you to pay you.

Copy that speak to people’s hearts

Snippets Of What We Would Be Handling Here:

  • How to craft money-sucking funnels that render customers helpless longing for only you or your client’s product
  • Lead Generation
  • Nurture sequence
  • Crafting Frontend offers, Backend Offers And Upsell
  • Necessities Of Writing A Sales Copy
  • How To Conduct Market Research For Product and Service-Based Businesses
  • The Secrets To Writing Killer Headlines That Vomit Money
  • Prospect Awareness Level: The Reason A Lot Of Sales Copy Fail
  • Seamless Transitioning: If She knows, you’re in trouble 
  • The Principles Of Persuasion and Influential Communication
  • Hypnosis and the Neuroscience of Customer behavior: My Secrets To Selling Half A Million Dollars in Sales
  • You will learn my unique method of creating a sales copy from start to finish

Amongst others

Week 3 – Real-Life Project in the US (Practicalize)

This is a practical program, not all those masterclasses that you get everywhere…

I have contacted an American business owner and we would be using his brand as a case study.


I will show you exactly how the journey will be.

See, I never had this.

When I started copywriting newly, I used to pitch to clients and they would ask to go on a call with me.

But after this call (it is called a discovery call) they will ghost me and never talk to me again.

Some will tell you point-blank that they can’t work with you.

These are the same clients that will see your samples and love it but when they have their first interaction with you, they run.

This frustrated me and affected my psychology.

I had to lose a lot of clients before I figured out what was wrong.

Experience is a painful teacher when you’re ignorant.

I don’t want you to pass through this.

We would handle a real-life American brand situated in the Southern part of the United States of America.

With real customers and real dynamics.

I will show you how to take on a project first-hand and crush it.

You will crush it so hard that your client will tell a friend about you and before you know it, you will be working with a lot of businesses. (This is the best way to never ever lack more jobs)

Middle finger to imposter syndrome

By the time we are done with this one week exercise, you will never know such a thing again.

You will be as confident as a king who knows his powers.

So, you will be:

  • Taking on real-life practical project
  • Go on a real client acquisition and conversion journey
  • Kill imposter syndrome and learn how to take on everyday clients

Let’s not forget that the brand we will work with can be added to your portfolio/CV

So when you’re done with this program, it is not a clean slate…

You can say I have worked with this American Health brand or whatever brand we would be working on.

So when business owners hit you with, “have you done a job in the past?”

You will tell them yes, you have garnered experience working with this American brand that we worked with in the course of this program


Week 4- Human funnel, Diabolic Positioning & Client Acquisition

Here, I would learn how to see yourself as a business and position yourself as an expert to make “ungodly” sums of money for yourself.

When you learn the details of this you will be as irresistible as a young wife to her sex-starved husband who hasn’t seen her in 11 months.

Business owners will look for you.

(I would have shared more screenshots of DMs and emails as I did above but a lot of them are confidential)


  • Inbound client acquisition: The Magnetic Effect – This is my forte as I have been called by numerous real-life marketing influencers to talk about this. You should attract more than you pitch.
  • The Human Funnel: After teaching you how to create a funnel that vomits green paper, I would go ahead to practically show you what a human funnel is all about
  • The Power Of One
  • Diabolic Positioning
  • Outbound client acquisition: Stop pitching like they are doing you a favour. There is an irresistible template I will be showing you how to use practically so that you will be irresistible.

Week 4 B Individual Assignments, Assignments Review & Revision (Personalize)

After working with the foreign business and client it would be time for you to put this into practice yourself.

Remember this program will go on for 4 Weeks.

But most of the time, it has a tendency to overflow into the 5th week because of the continuous immense value.

Then June batch extended into July, the July batch will definitely do same.

So this aspect will be the later stage of the program where you will have to submit assignments and projects that we would review, edit and dissect.

At the end of this program, you will not only be good at copywriting and writing in your unique tone, but you will also have the confidence to take on clients without ever doubting yourself.

80% of my current coachees confess that this is their best session.

You will also gain personal access to me.

My opinions, my advice for any project you want to take on within the next 6 months.

The amount of value those two lines you just read contain should be worth more than everything if you know… You know.

The NOVEMBER practical coaching and program barely has a particular monetary value.

I consult for business monthly at 200,000 naira.

Meaning if you were to pay for this, on a normal day that isn’t from now to 28th August, it would be nothing less than 200,000 naira.

And let’s not forget, I’m taking you on a practical journey here.

I would be having sessions with you 3 to 5 times a week.

It is pure, undiluted drilling, not like how I would handle a regular business on the Lagos Island.

But you would not pay 200,000 naira.

Don’t worry.

Not even half of it. (100,000 naira)

But before I tell you what you will be paying today if you gain access to this program,

I would like to answer an important question that is probably bugging you….

What if I don’t know a single thing about copywriting?

Once you pay for this course, I will send you a beginner course I wrote in August last year.


This beginner course single-handedly made 473,000 naira for Mr. Alex  without coaching.

The first money I ever made from the internet is 1,000 pounds and Golibe made it possible. Hold this guy tight and listen to everything he says. Period.
Alex Nwakoby

In fact, after Mr. Alex got paid, he paid for my upgraded 3 months coaching program of 150,000 naira.

The name of this beginner course is:

The 6 figure Copywriter Road Map

You will be rushed this as a bonus immediately you pay for this program.

It was sold for 13,000 naira but you would be getting it for FREE.

More on this book alone…

It lays the foundation for our work

And more…

FREE BONUS 2: First Inner Circle Cloud Meeting

I was in a closed cloud meeting with my inner circle.

I taught them Client Acquisition and how to see your freelance business as a brand with a marketing funnel.

This is 2 hours of deep value.

Useful to people who are seeking to attract clients like a magnet to themselves not to go chasing after them.

And even if you do, you do it at a certain level where the odds of landing the client is in your favor

This session anywhere in the world is worth $300 (120,000 naira) upwards.

And more…

FREE SPECIAL BONUS 3: Like A Surgeon, Let’s dissect (The Anatomy Of A Million-Dollar Sales Letter)

I have a series of 5 videos where I have dissected different real copy from this 21st Century that brought in at least a million dollars in sales.

In each of these videos, I’m dissecting the anatomy of a winning sales letter and bringing out every quality that makes it stand out.

What does this do?

This helps you understand beyond measure everything you have learnt in copywriting.

It solidifies and melts these copywriting lessons into your brain.

This alone is worth 50,000 naira.

And more…


Modern Million Dollar Swipe Files Of Sales Copy That Did Wonders plus a retired copywriter’s unpopular copy that changed the Food & Sex market.

I wouldn’t say much on this.


I have seen businesses crumble due to lack of autonomy, lack of total control.

Twitter was banned in Nigeria. India banned 59 applications.

China doesn’t use Gmail or WhatsApp or Facebook.

Your government can wake up one day and render you broke if they decide to ban the social media platform you use the most.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is owned by one man.

On March 19th, 2021, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp stopped working for some minutes.

A lot of business transactions were put on hold because of this singular act.

So much power is held by one CEO.

What am I trying to say?

If your business depends so much on a single man or the government…

It is only a matter of time before one of those policies or decisions affect you.

People were killing it on Instagram until they changed their algorithms and engagements dropped.

People were killing it on Facebook until everyone decided to move on to other platforms, now a lot of people see Facebook as a dead app only for advertising.

You need full control over your business and learning Email Marketing the right way is the best thing you can do for your business.

But not only that,

Email marketing when done right will help you bond with your audience and in turn make you a truckload of money.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Australian multi-millionaire, Sabri Suby, popular for his billion-dollar company which has helped over 250,000 businesses and the author of the book, ‘Sell Like Crazy’ once said this…

“ If you had to strip me down naked, take everything I’ve got, and leave me with nothing except for one marketing weapon of choice, what do you think it would be? 

My contacts? JV partnerships? Google rankings? My ability to turn ice-cold traffic on Facebook into profit? 

Nope! I would choose email! Why? 

Email outperforms every other marketing channel. 


And one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is not building an email list from day one. 

Email is the bedrock of my business today. 

It’s by far my #1 source of revenue. It’s how I communicate with my community, launch new services, and reach my customers. 

Email is the engine that’s generated millions of dollars for my business — more than every other channel we’ve used combined.”

I will be showing you how I have hacked this email marketing thing with little effort and much profit.

So much to the extent that over 10 Million dollar copywriter, the American Donnie Bryant has used my emails as case studies in his groups and sessions.

There are a lot of these email testimonials but can you permit me to slide in just 2 of them?

You’re a genius in this profession…

No matter how busy I get I always make sure I read your emails…

I am so emotional with people in my inner circle (email list) and they know how much I love them.

Now for your grand bonus…


Hold up, this wouldn’t come alone…

I will also be sending you an Email Cheatsheet of 20 emails of mine, and exactly the reason they performed excellently well.

We would dissect these emails LIVE.

So it is a combo plus live sessions known as the 7 Figure Email Marketer & Email Cheatsheet Combo

This cheatsheet would serve as a template for any email you will ever write,

All you will need to do is Copy, Personalize to suit your audience and personality, then Paste.

At the end of this session alone, you would be capable of generating $3,000 (A million naira) in 2 months.

Let’s not reveal everything to the copycats lurking.

This grand bonus is worth 78,000 naira but currently sold for 17,500 naira on its own.

So, how much would this practical program cost?

200,000 naira + 13,000 naira + 100,000 naira + 50,000 naira + 17,500 naira = 403,500 naira

This is the worth of this program when you add all the bonuses plus the main offer.

But it will cost you not 200,000 naira or 213,000 naira or 403,000 naira which is the barest minimum calculable monetary value of what you will be getting.

It will cost you 38,000 naira only if you pay between now and 28th August.

Once you get access, you will be rushed your bonuses and added to a group of a few like-minded people.

NEVER underestimate the power of the right community of people with similar goals.

It is important to note, that this deadline of 28th August is ONLY valid if the 15 slots are not taken up already by tomorrow.

If the slots are taken up, not a single more person will be taken again.

Not a single more person.

So don’t procrastinate, get access to this program now and let me hold you by hand on your journey to making at least $2000 a month from this skill.

This is a personal experience.

A live session and interaction.

You raise to the top faster when you experience, not read or watch something passive, but when you experience it.

15 slots only!


Why is it so cheap?

Well, as much as I genuinely want to see you succeed, that’s the sole reason this practical coaching & implementation program exists at this price. 

After people from my inner circle community sent me emails and DMed me, I had to create this program,

It was bore out of necessity and passion.


I also have a selfish gain.

If you have been following me, you will know that I say this at least once every month,

“Humans are naturally selfish since the time of Caesar and Abraham”

It is one of our oldest characteristics.

We can’t remove it from human nature so it better to always be sincere with this knowledge.

Here is what I stand to gain,

I want you to get results so bad and come for my 3 months coaching program as soon as possible.

I don’t know how much it should cost by then but if you’re earning $2000 monthly, you can easily afford it.

It is currently 250,000 naira for my 3 months Golibe Private Mentoring program. 

Look at Harsha, Harsha was so mesmerized with the value provided in the June batch, so much that he is in my Private Mentoring Program now…

So what’s it going to be?

Would you pay 38,000 naira today and gain access to a beautiful life where you’re in control of your decisions.

What would an extra $2000 monthly do for you?

What can an extra $24,000 yearly do for you?

You can go back to your regular life doing what you want and earning in whatever way you can… It is fine.

But if you want to take charge of your life.

If you want to gain the respect of your family.

If you want to live the life you have always dreamed of not having to worry about money…

Then you know what to do,

It is all up to you.

Your destiny is literally in your hands; it is not predestined by anybody.

Please Note,

Be ready to be consistent.

You will be spoon-fed everything, all you need to do is always show up thrice or five times weekly for 4 weeks.

If you’re not willing to come for at least 80% of the program, don’t get it.

And yes, it will all be recorded. All the sessions with foreign clients and videos of teachings will be recorded and accessible to you the night after the class so you can always revert back to it, relive your experience and learn.

But your interaction and questions are needed to bring optimal results for you…

Like neuroscientists have said, live questions and answers aids retention and easy recall of information in learning.


This is a risk-free trial.

You’re paying 38,000 naira for this program and if by any chance that after this program you don’t get enough value after putting in the work by showing up…

Then you can simply ask for a refund and you will be refunded without any form of contempt.

Once you’re not satisfied that you got X5 times the value you paid for.

I will refund you your money ASAP.

No questions asked.

100% refund. And you can keep whatever material I will be sharing with you from my library.

You can keep it all, that would be a thank you for the coming gift.

So you are bearing no risk whatsoever. All you need to do is taste and see.

Sabri Suby, a business owner who makes has made over $1 Billion in his business once said this,

“It takes a singular decision to change your life”

Gain access to this program and leave the rest to me.

$2000 monthly

Family respect

Peace of mind

These are luxuries earning $2000 and more can do for you.

You will be amongst the 1% of Nigerians earning this.

It was one decision that changed my life and the truth is we are always a decision away from changing our story.

Financial Freedom

Time Freedom

Location Freedom

The three freedoms that comes when you can comfortably make $10,000 monthly from your bedroom.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I am telling you something your brain can fathom now but when you look at it critically, you will see that making a thousand dollars from a skill that is needed by over 30 million newly created businesses yearly is very minute.

I will not make bogus promises though, I will make a promise I can keep and that promise is this,

Once you gain access to this program, leave it all to me… I will take you on a journey you wouldn’t want to end.

It is all in your hands now, make the right decision and improve your current situation.

Gain access to this risk-free practical no B.S coaching program today.

Diet on my brain?

A great teacher…

(You could know something well but be bad at teaching it)

Genius? A god’s surgical touch?

Even if this program was 100k?

I might be one of the most swiped copywriters in Africa from my emails being used as a full copy to my tweets being stolen and used in Facebook groups, then my main sales copy?

Let’s not go there, lol.


You need to know this is the final time this program will ever exist.

And here’s why:

It’s time consuming for me.

I’m known to always give my 101% and I will love to keep it that.

I’m getting soaked into a multi-million dollar company’s system by October.

And I really wouldn’t have enough time to also be a full time coach from October.

That’s simply it, get it now or just forget it.