This Only Fans girls should be studied



Millionaire at 21…

Bought a house at 19…

Bought my dream car at thirteen and a half years old…

Okay, the last one is a bit exaggerated,

But these Only Fans girls are shocking the living daylight out of me.

Within 6 months they go from broke and jobless to owning homes as young adults.

Whether you like it or not,

Whether you’re too religious to think with your God-given brain,

These girls are doing something right and we need to study them.

And like I will like to say. “for me, I see marketing in everything”.

There is a lot of marketing to be learnt from these girls and I’ll be breaking down some of them today.

You don’t know about Only Fans?

Congrats, you’re going to heaven.

77 virgins for you or singing praises & feasting for you! Whatever your reward is meant to be.

Well, Only Fans was created from the pornography industry…

Before we go on, if you’re struggling with porn addiction, I urge you to make more intentional efforts to stop

Pornography will hinder your chances of becoming wealthy.

One dangerous thing watching porn does is that it increases your dopamine level.

Makes your brain feel high and excited.

Makes your brain feel satisfied.

The more often you do this,

The more your brain gets accustomed to “satisfaction”.

You can never be successful if your brain doesn’t understand the concept of working hard to achieve a pleasing result.

Well, maybe I will talk about that later.

Back to our subject of the day…

If you have studied the stories of successful pornstars like the famous Mia Khalifa,

You will notice a pattern. (I study every freaking person that has tasted success, even if they swallow for a living **giggles)

You’ll notice that most of these girls were young, dumb and broke.

They didn’t really know what they wanted, all they wanted was to use their God-given device to make some money and have fun while doing it.

Mia Khalifa is now a reporter for West Ham football club in London, England and an influencer.

She regretted ever becoming a pornstar.

According to her, she entered porn as a sort of “youthful rebellion”

And now that she is old enough, she wanted companies to stop using her images and videos.

But she can’t do anything about it as she signed a contract then that allowed her property to be theirs forever.

So her videos and images still circulate the web till this day even though she stopped porn about 7 years ago and her porn acting stint was for a short period of time. (just 3 months)

3 months of youthful exuberance at the age of 22 became her identity for life.

“[Porn] corporations prey on callow young women and trap them legally into contracts when they’re vulnerable,” Mia said in an interview.

Only Fans was created to give that power to the girls to the actors (porn actors and actresses)

Take away the power from porn corporations and give it to the ‘actors’ themselves.

So these actors can:

1. Stop distributing their content when they please

2. Make all the money for themselves

So on Only Fans,

All you do is pay some dollars to view some products. (you know what products are)

Only Fans was a brilliant idea.

Actors and actresses became RICHER and they didn’t need managers to tell them what to do or corporations that will take a percentage of their hard work.

Like it or not,

There is some hard work put into this.

And these girls deserve all the money going their way.

But there is a marketing lesson that needs to be learnt from Only Fans and its actors.

And we will be discussing that in tomorrow’s mail.

Stay intentional.



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