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I know you will say WWE is fake but it will teach you sales and marketing


Growing up, WWE meant a lot to my family,

It was the only time everybody came together to watch TV from my father to the last child in the house.

I remember how the entrance of Undertaker used to scare the shit out of my younger sister, Ogochi… Lol.

Well, that’s a story for another day.

Fast forward to about 10 years later news came out that WWE was/is fake.

Not fake though but scripted to a large extent as these wrestlers actually get injured and undergo surgery to correct some of these injuries.

Whatever way though, I was broken to realise that it was not 101% real…

My siblings were pissed that I even told them.

They wanted to keep being incredulous and enjoying the wrestling matches without any doubt.

After all, the full meaning of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.

Millions of people watch the WWE every year to be entertained.

WWE fills up 70,000 plus arenas yearly multiple times…

All to entertain people.

Mr Vince McMahon is a billionaire today because he founded World Wrestling Entertainment.

Entertainment is the core.

If people are spending billions to be entertained you need to understand the importance of entertainment as a copywriter or as a business owner.

If you can not entertain, you will lose a lot of money.

This is why storytelling is a very important element in your marketing message.

I bought Cable TV sometime last week and these guys have a whole channel dedicated to WWE alone.

During this short break, I took from writing to you last week, I was stuck on this channel like a hungry newborn to its mother’s breast…

This WWE channel gave me a lot of nostalgic feeling.

I watched some old WWE matches as they did this throwback thingy.

I remembered my childhood and my late father.

It was wholesome.

But like in everything I do,

I saw sales and marketing…

Particularly, I saw beautiful storytelling.

You need to applaud the storytellers behind the WWE brand they are so brilliant.

The use of villains (heels) and heroes (babyfaces) is quite essential to storytelling.

Then there is something they’re so good at…

I call it, “creating an innermost craving for an outcome”.

For example, before John Cena faces the Rock…

All the storylines in between…

The drama… The anticipation… The intrigue

This is what makes that particular wrestling match so special.

And this is why WWE storyline writers are paid as much as $105,000.

Without them WWE just becomes ordinary wrestling.

Look at this story…

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes returned to WWE after years.

He left WWE to discover himself.

Cody Rhodes is the son of retired WWE legend, Dusty Rhodes who is now late…

Dusty Rhodes was a legend but he never laid his hands on the most priced WWE belt until his death.

Now, Cody Rhodes the prodigal son who left WWE has returned to fulfil a destiny even his legendary father could not…

I just summarized the hottest thing right now in the billion-dollar WWE franchise.

There is a story arc that was used for all these.

Beautiful storytelling that if you learn can make you a cash-minting machine for any business on earth.

I would love you to go watch the video here.

Tomorrow, let’s dissect that video into pieces.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the core of storytelling and how it can bring in dollars.

If possible invite a friend to join this Inner Circle to learn about telling stories to sell.

Stay intentional.