Part 2 – Stop sleeping on WWE scriptwriters


if you missed yesterday’s mail, I feel a little sorry for you,

Because yesterday I took the time to break down the importance of entertainment in sales and marketing using WWE as a case study.

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.

You need to understand that WWE scriptwriters are genius copywriters when you think about it and we have a lot to learn from them.

I’m going to be telling you about entertainment, about the power of a compelling story.

But before then, if you missed yesterday’s mail…

Go catch here.

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Okay… Are you back?

Let’s proceed,

WWE Scriptwriters are currently setting up a particular fight that could potentially make over 50,000 people buy tickets to watch just two wrestlers wrestle.

The last stories these scriptwriters cooked up brought in a combined 70,000 plus people who gave WWE their hard-earned money just to watch a match LIVE and be entertained.

That is power.

That is the power of selling with stories.

The video I directed you to watch yesterday is a story in the making,

A story that will bring in a million dollars.

And I’ll be dissecting it today so you will see the amount of:



And Storytelling that went into this thing

Let’s begin

On second thought,

I created a YouTube video about 20 mins long just for you 

Here, I dissected the WWE story video in the fastest possible way with all the nuggets you need as a copywriter or business owner interested in selling with stories.

I just made this video minutes ago so don’t mind the amateurism…

Here it is:


 you know I’ll go to lengths for you…

Stay intentional.