You snooze, you starve to death, the story of the cheetah



Toyyib, come closer and sit on the stool beside me.

As my ancestors before me did, I want to tell you a story.

A story from the animal kingdom that every human should learn from…

A story from the cradle of life, the purest form of life. 

You see, there is something about the cheetah that you might not know.

Yes, it is the fastest land animal in the world.

Yes, its speed is what automobile engineers tried to imitate for decades while creating sports cars.

But… There is a big ‘but’ and I will talk about that soon.

Firstly though, it wouldn’t be reasonable to just brush off the beauty of the Cheetah.

The Cheetah is an embodiment of power and specialization.

It is one of the few creations that was created with the word, specialist in mind.

It is built for super speed.

Specially created to run; from its long tail to its long thin legs…

All the Creator had in mind was, “Go into the world and run”

And if you know anything about the wild animal kingdom, you will know that it is a kill or be killed world.

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is kill and avoid being killed.

It is stupid that these days the average man and woman just roll around on their bellies all day.

They wake up, press their phones, grumble to work…

Get back home eat, sleep, watch TV and repeat.

If we lived life like how life was originally designed…

If we live life every day like something is chasing us to kill us…

Like competitors are breathing down our necks to kill our business…

Like someone is looking to take all the money from our bank accounts…

If we lived life with such hunger, drive and fear 6 out of 7 days a week,

You will be the king of the jungle.

You will conquer life, I bet on it.

Modernity has made people soft and soft people create hard times so brace yourselves for what is to come.

Let’s go back to the Cheetah.

The problem with this speed demon is…

As it is a specialist in super speed, it is deficient in other facets of its life.

In the animal kingdom, animals hunt other animals down or they go hungry and die of starvation.

Cheetahs are so fast that other animals can’t outrun them so they catch almost every single animal even the fastest antelopes.

But since the Cheetahs are only specialists in speed, when they catch these animals,

Animals like lions and even little hyenas bully them and collect the meat these Cheetahs killed.

hyena chases five cheetahs away… Source: Earth Touch News

The cycle continues leaving the cheetah almost always hungry.

Cheetahs kill animals because of their speed advantage and a lion, hyena and even silly little vultures take away the meat.

The Animal kingdom is so beautiful to follow because it shows life in its purest form and there is a simple lesson to learn here…

The world is never fair.

The stronger person will always win.

The world never gives you what you deserve.

It gives you what you fight for.

The cheetah thinks, “Oh! Thank God for my speed and this dinner, my kids and I wouldn’t go to bed hungry”

The Hyena thinks, “Oh! Free meat, no work, all I need is experience and power to claim this meat for myself”

And that’s lesson number 2 or probably number 4 from this letter to you…

The world is all about leverage.

Sometimes the only way to make sure you don’t ‘starve to death’ is leverage.

Hyenas are not fast enough and they would die of starvation if they had only one strategy which is hunting down animals.

So what do they do?

They devise another strategy.

They leverage the cheetah’s game with an ability they know they have better than the cheetah…


You need to know the world works on leverage.

Leverage your privileged background, your relations…

Leverage your coach, your coach’s connections…

Leverage your relationships…

The world works on leverage and it is a fool that feels people are just “lucky”.

Everybody has a sort of leverage in this life,

Discover it or pay to get one and USE the hell out of it.

You can not fold your hands and feel the world will work in your favour.

You make your destiny.

It is in your hands.

Learn a high-income skill, start looking for what or who to use for leverage and go after the freaking bag.

Time waits for no man

And remember, it is a kill or be killed world.

You snooze, you starve to death.

Stay intentional.



There are lessons littered all over this mail,

Pick them one after the other, don’t sleep on them.


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