I want to do something crazy and maybe special



In the past 24 hours, a lot of nonsense have been trending on Twitter.

On days like that, I just leave social media entirely.

I don’t like engaging in activities that don’t fuel my soul, increase the zeros in my account or entertain me…

It just has to be one of those three.

Away from that,

I’ve received tons of mails from members of my Inner Circle this week but two emails from Emmanuel and Gozie out of all of them have got me in my feelings.

For the sake of privacy, I’ll not be reproducing any of them.

But I’ll be doing something crazy and maybe special today.

I’ve never done this before because I don’t believe in it.

I make everything I put out there for free value-packed…

Imagine my paid products?

Anything you pay for under the Golibe umbrella will change your life like it has done for many others.

But today,

I’ll be giving a 10-day discount.

From the 29th of April to 9th of May, 11.59 pm GMT+1…

You can get the PCI Program for 35,000 naira ($70)

After the 9th of May,

It will go back to 50,000 naira ($100)

And this is only available for 15 people.

Once 15 people take up this offer,

The price will go back to its original price.

If you want to take up this offer, send me a mail and I’ll tell you where to pay to gain access to the program.

Once you gain access to the program, you would be taken on a journey…

On your first steps to not having to worry about money again…

Not having to budget to the last dollar before providing for your loved one or taking care of yourself…

In the Practical Coaching and Implementation Program,

I’ll be teaching you about persuasion, human nature, copywriting, marketing…

I’ll also be teaching you how to make a shit ton of money as a copywriter earning in dollar/euros.

Do you want to learn more about how copywriting can help you make your first $1000, $2000 off the internet?

Do you want to learn about how I can teach you to be good enough to command such fees in 4 weeks?

Go here.

Stay intentional.


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