Shoulders of giants



“I studied the greats, I’m the greatest right now”

– American rapper, J Cole in his award-winning song

I love to refer to that line when I talk about success but it turns out I’ve been missing the most important part…

That is, the part that came before that particular line.

Here it is,

To the OGs, I’m thankin’ you now

Was watchin’ you when you was pavin’ the ground

I copied your cadence, I mirrored your style

I studied the greats, I’m the greatest right now”

There is something about success,

Success leaves clues.

You don’t need to be an inventor to be successful.

You don’t need to be a trendsetter to be financially free.

A popular adage says, there is nothing new under the sun.

Nothing is new.

Invention is stress.

Invention is suffering.

All you need to do is “mirror people who have done it”.

Even one of the world’s greatest inventor, Isaac Newton once said…

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon shoulders of giants”

Newton stood on the success of others to discover whatever he did.

But you don’t need to be the next Isaac Newton to live a life of freedom.

Freedom to travel to any country of your choice…

Freedom to provide for your loved ones without budgeting to the last dollar…

Freedom to spend your weekdays how you please without praying for public holidays every now and then…

All you need to do is mirror successful people in your niche.

I tell my students this,

Look for…

One dead copywriting legend and study him to the last even his lifestyle

One living copywriting legend and study everything about his works

And finally,

Get a genius coach.

These are successful people in your niche that will make you become successful FAST.

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One last thing,

Instead of always watching series like Bridgeton, All Of Us Are Dead and all those love or action movies…

Why not watch people’s documentaries?

Reading can sometimes be boring, I get it

So insteading of studying the greats/succesful peoppe by reading about them…

You can watch their documentaries on Netflix.

Finding fun ways of assimilating useful knowledge is one thing that has helped my coachees and I hit all those massive figures.

Stay intentional.



Happy Eid Mubarak, my Muslim friends.

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