Like jesus, you need a cult following



You might not like or believe in the Nazarene and that is totally fine,

But one thing you can’t take away from that son of a carpenter is…

Dude is freaking famous.

And nope, I’m not his favorite fanboy so I’m telling you this from an unbiased point of view.

When historians rate the most famous people to ever live,

He almost always appears in the top 10.

He is not just famous in his religion as he has been mentioned in other religions like Islam and Hinduism (yeah, he is a god there).

Jesus didn’t get famous and influential overnight.

As much as he is a great religious head, I love to refer to him as a smart marketer.

He focused on doing one thing that you should learn today,

He focused on creating diehard followers.

Followers that loved him for him and followers that will follow him to the ends of the earth.

Michael Jackson, another world famous man, did this.

People fainted at the sight of MJ.

They cried hot tears when he held a mic to sing.

Where is this driving to?

If you want to be an authority in your field.

If you want to be influential in your space,

You need to have die hard fans like Jesus.

You need to have people that love you for you.

You need to build your own cult following.

You might not love to hear this,

But if Jesus didn’t have such die hard fans, he wouldn’t be this influential.

His authority, his influence in today’s world is in his believers, in his followers.

Having an email list ensures you become an authority.

Even if you’re a nobody,

No matter the niche you find yourself in,

If you want to be regarded as one of the best there,

You need to have your own special followers on your own platform.

Not Instagram followers or Facebook followers.

You can be banned any day from those platforms,

Mark Zuckerberg is the landlord there and he could evict you any day,

Maybe you left the tap running and flooded his house, lol… Dude could slap you a Quick Notice any day.

You see, when you have an email list,

You have raw data of people who genuinely love you.

All in a document.

No matter the email service provider you use or whatever platform you use in sending emails,

Those contacts of yours are yours forever.

That is a subset of the total control you have over your business when you have an email list.

You’re not living in a rented apartment and no one can keep your brand hanging.

Raw irrevocable data of your tribe in your hands.

Let’s go back to the main lesson in this mail…

Mention every great marketer you know.

Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Joe Vitale, just name them…

They all have or had an email list.

An email list makes you an authority, because you have a cult following that you could call your own.

Apart from the crazy potential of giving you money which we would be discussing in the next mail,

An email list makes you the go-to guy in your industry.

Podcasters, graphics designers, ecom business owners…

People will want to do business with you when they perceive you as an authority.

And an email list helps you do that.

Let’s also talk about how authority = money in the next mail.

Like MJ, the Nazarene or any famous person you know,

Build a list of people who ‘could die for you’.

Stay intentional.



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