My biggest mistake as an email copywriter, a sin close to fornication



, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the words “email copywriter”

They’re simply professionals who have a list of people they write to often and these professionals try to help these people solve a particular problem they have every now and then.

If you’re reading this letter you’re part of my “list of people”.

You probably found me on Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media platform.

For you to take an extra step to join my list,

I respect and more importantly, I take your sales and marketing problems personal.

That is why I call this my Inner Circle.

It is a list of people that I take their sales, marketing and sometimes mindset problems personal.

If you’re new to this Inner Circle, Welcome.

And that is one of the biggest mistakes a marketer or email copywriter or business owner with an email list can ever make.

Mistake 1

Mistake number 1 is a sin close to fornication in the marketing world.

Never create an email list without a welcome email.

This mistake wasn’t intentional, I removed my welcome email because I wanted to write another one but for some silly reason, I’ve not had the time to do so.

And for about a month, people have been trooping into my Inner Circle without a welcome email.

That is a sin close to adultery.

, even if you fornicate with your partner…

Even if you fantasize about different fornication positions with your ex…

When it comes to marketing when it comes to writing emails to a list…

NEVER have a list with a welcome email.

Your welcome email is the most important email you will ever send to your list.

Your first email is what I call the mental conditioner (I hate naming things but let’s go with this one because it is important)

Your first email (your welcome email) should condition the minds of your customers to believe that…

1. Signing up to your email list is one of the best decisions they ever took

2. It will be a sacrilege to not open your emails every day (or the number of times you send emails a week)

3. Your list is different from whatever list they are already signed up to.

4. You need to inform them of how your email list works, they need to know when to expect your emails and what you’re about.

These 4 bullets should guide you in containing a welcome email that will warm up your email list to bring in fire results.

Even if you fornicate from time to time,

Never joke with your welcome email, it is the core of whatever email you will be sending out to your subscribers as it pre-frames them of what is to come.

Mistake 2

Let’s imagine that you’re a man and the first few weeks you met your partner, you guys used to text every time of the day…

Call every night…

Say “I love you” from time to time…

Then all of a sudden you just stop.

You stop calling.

You stop texting.

She tries to text and call but you never reciprocate the energy.

There are three types of girls based on the mannerism with which they will respond to this situation, lol.

– Girl number 1 will simply ghost you the way you ghosted her… This babe ain’t got time for shit.

This type of girl is usually the one who is too emotional so to prevent drama or stress they just disappear too and stop reaching out. No need for explanations.

– Girl number 2 will show up at your doorstep and smack your ass for playing with her heart…

Like if you knew you will stop giving her the energy why start from day 1?

She will fuck you up and might even call your boss… Lol.

– Girl number 3 will cry, will text you, she will tell you she misses you…

She will call to know what she did wrong.

She will explain to everybody who cares to listen, 

“Ola, there is something that happened between Jeff and I that I don’t understand, let me explain it to you so you will be the judge. I want to be sure I’m not the person that is mad”

Lol… The chief explainer.

Some girls could be a combination of all of them though.

On a more serious note,

Situations like that are painful and no one should ever pass through that.

Closure in matters of the heart is very important.

And that is how it feels like when as a marketer, copywriter, business owner who as an email list…

Decides to stop sending letters to their subscribers.

For days, for weeks, for months…

The longer, the more suspicious…

The longer, the more the likelihood of breaking up.

If you can send an email every day, do it.

If you can send it 5 times a week do it.

The more often you send letters to your subscribers,

The greater your chances of going from “dating” to “marriage”

Stay intentional.



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