Access revoked with all due respect




No, this is not Frank Kern’s mail… Lol.

Yesterday I made a tweet that set the whole of Africa Money Twitter ablaze.

I’m usually an opinionated fellow and it sometimes gets me in ‘trouble’ but every time, I don’t care about the ripple effect.

Do you want to see the tweet that went viral?

Well, let me simply reproduce it here


Frank Kern is a copy legend

But being on his mail list is tiring

He is ALWAYS selling from subject line to CTA

No story

No exciting controversy

No humanity


Even a copywriter like myself that learns from him had to unsubscribe


This tweet is not about Frank Kern


Then I went  on to say in the comment section that if he talks about his success story and personal story in his mails sometimes like some of his counterparts,

His mails will be the bomb.

You see, I love Frank Kern but I hate his emails and his email list and a crazy number of people agreed with me.

Nobody loves being sold to from subject line to CTA every damn time.

But you see the few that disagreed?

They disagreed on the basics that it is bringing in millions for him so I should emulate this legend instead of having an opinion.

Why do people always find it hard to accept that you can love everything about someone but hate a particular thing?

Especially these legendary copywriters,

It is not taboo to critique them…

They might be killing it in our world but it doesn’t mean I should drink their urine for marketing wisdom.

Some things are just freaking wrong.

But let’s get back to the viral tweet…

A lot of brilliant copywriters agreed with my opinion.

Rachel Augustine screamed…

You must live in my head

I came in twitter to tweet the very same thing!

Every night “access revoked”🥴

Even the great Ronald Nzimora laughed so hard at this.

Then some dudes were trying to be political about the whole situation…

Call a spade, a spade, dude

Pick a side! You’re the head of your family, stop stuttering.

Heads don’t stutter.

Well, my favourite tweet came from a certain Barbara Oladele, I have never seen or heard about her before but her tweet was beautiful.

She replied to my tweet with:

Lessons taken.

1. Storytelling, if mastered, is an effective way to connect with & sell to subscribers.

2. The primary goal of the subject line is to stroke curiosity & attract subscribers to read the rest of your letter.

3. Value creation is the lifeblood of an email list.

That is the lesson of this mail.

As in all my mails to you, there is always a lesson to learn…

Take that as the lesson.

From here on out, I want to address an issue

The Big guns in the industry like:

Toyin Omotoso

Abdul Hqwaiyy

Ronald Nzimora

All dropped a thought about this tweet.

One tweet particularly implied that he made $5M last month so whatever he does, I should maybe worship his ways so I can hit that too?

With all due respect, sir…

Worship his ways of continuously selling in every single email from start to finish?

Email copywriting 101 would tell you to never do this.

Emails are all about building relationships…

Oh! Wait sir, if this sell-to-the-death formula works so much,

Why not apply it in your own email list?

I see you tell stories, I see you try to build relationships too.

You’re more closer to $5M than I’m sir.

So it will be easy to copy Frank Kern’s email methodology and paste it in yours to scale in minutes.

Sir, do it and watch people run away from you.

See , imagine if what I sent you was buy this and buy that every day, three times a day,

Wouldn’t you puke?

But let’s go down and break the $5M statement…

Did you know that Frank Kern’s email list was not the reason he made so much money last month?

Did you know that he released a video where he talked about one of the ads that performed so well that he had to scale it?

Have you heard of the famous…


Where Frank Kern starts a video ad with “This is an ad… If you want to leave you can get the fuck out but I’m about to give you something awesome”

Yeah, not exactly those words but something along those lines.

You see this video ad was performing so well that he pumped so much more money into the ad.

This video ad had an immediate offer and it was converting like crazy for cold traffic.

He didn’t need to nurture them in an email list and sell to them. (if he did they would probably have unsubscribed as I did due to his excessive selling… Heck, Gmail automatically sends ALL Frank Kern’s mails to the promotion tab because he is always selling)

Frank made a lot of sales DIRECTLY from that video ad.

So yes, he made $5M but most of it wasn’t from his email list, sir.

It was from cold traffic, on the spot and maybe follow-ups worked.


Who am I to go against these African money magnets?

I respect them all, they’re all gods.

And who am I to say all this to a copywriting legend of the statue of Frank Kern?

Well, I’m a copywriter from a 3rd world country who got serious with copywriting in the hit of the global pandemic but I happened to rank over Frank Kern (a man who started copywriting in the same decade I was born and considered a legend with billions in sales)

I ranked over Frank Kern in the Top Email Copywriters of 2021 curated by Copy Legends founder, Matt Bockensette.

I climbed to the top so fast.

It either means that I’m too good to have an opinion on email marketing or email marketing is not Frank Kern’s forte because he is bad at it.

Either way, I’m still the victor.

Sorry to burst the bubbles of the big guns trying to lecture me under my tweet…

But I didn’t see a single one of them on that list of top 100 email copywriters of 2021.

Oh! Well, what do I know?

Stay intentional.



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