You take it for granted because it’s free



My mother will always say, “I plan months ahead, I’m a risk averter”

It was all about her medical profession and monthly salary.

The salary wasn’t much but it was ‘just enough’.

She used it to train us through school as a single parent and that woman is a goddamn superhero.

This is why our parents advice us to study Medicine, Law, Engineering.

Because they know that these professions will always be in demand

And if you studied any of them, you would at least have “just enough” to cater for you and your family.

You might not be capable on going on vacations or being multiple cars or going to world class schools,

But the basics like feeding, clothing, shelter, transportation, schooling will all be taking care of.

Mediocrity at its fullest.

You can only get those absolute necessities, every other thing that makes life easier, better, luxurious…

Is seen as highly unnecessary.

This is 2022 and if you still have these 80s/90s mentality,

I’m truly disappointed.

This is the age of the internet yet you’re making the same mistakes your parents made of playing it safe.

You want to go to college get a degree and get stuck in a 9 to 5 for 40 years.

You want to ensure that it will take you 20 years to start earning a salary of $5,000 per month.

You’re trying to manage it all.

Calculate this salary,

Calculate that expenditure.

Choosing a career path is great but the average millionaire has multiple streams of income.

So if you’re beginning to puff your chest saying,

“What do you mean there are 9 to 5ers doing well”

You need to ask yourself…

How many of them have the three freedoms of life:

1. Time freedom

2. Location freedom

3. Financial freedom

If your 9 to 5 pays you $60k a year there is a 100% chance that you don’t have time to spend it and there is a 99% chance that you must go to work everyday.

You can’t work from anywhere in the world like a lot of us do.

So instead of thinking of playing it safe, you should be out there taking a whole lot of risk.

The internet is a freaking goldmine.

Get your tools and start mining your own gold,

Stop watching others do this and clapping for them.

You’re there taking the same steps your parents took that is why your parent is not Dangote or Adeleke or Coscharis or Obi Cubana.

Your parents were playing it safe during their time and here we are with no trust fund, lol.

The biggest problem with the internet is that the internet is FREE.

A free goldmine.

People will keep taking the internet for granted because it is free.

Bitcoin made millionaires.

Investments in startups like Paystack, Flutterwave made millionaires.

Investment in skills like copywriting, product design, programming have made millionaires.

But you’re still thinking.

You’re still averting risk, you’re still plotting.

You are being left behind.

Freaking take the decision to go all in.

I hope your son or daughter doesn’t look you in the face one day and ask,

Daddy… Mummy… When Uncle Ade was making money where were you?

Why can’t you provide this for me?”

Like I have been saying since 2020,

You think you have time, but you don’t.

Stay intentional.



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