Businesses lose thousands of dollars because of this



I was reviewing copy yesterday for some of my students and there is a simple lesson that I want you to hold on to.

You see this is 2022 and people are really distracted.

Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Bitcoin halving, Football, Celebrity gossip…

Just name it.

Information flies around so easily these days and people love information.

Particularly, people love gossip and the world is never short on gossip.

So whatever thing you’re writing,

Always be intentional about it.

Never forget that you’re at war with other attention seekers.

You’re fighting for your customer’s attention.

There are at least 5 people seeking your customer’s attention that minute you send her your product or social media post or email or whatever thing at all.

So you need to make it as simple as possible.

Don’t beat around the bush.

Don’t make it complex.

Make sure that the first thing she sees (usually a headline or subject line)…

Makes sure the first thing she sees is simple to understand and slaps her in her face.

I have seen businesses lose thousands of dollars just because they lack simplicity in their headline.

Simplicity sells.

You never want your customer to start thinking logically when she sees your headline.

Logical thoughts like, “Okay, what is he trying to say?”

“Okay, what does this word mean?”

“Is this for people with diabetes or people with leprosy?”

You want to make sure your headline communicates EXACTLY what you intend in the simplest possible way.

Learn this and watch how your copy converts like crazy.

You might be offering the customer a free $200,000 home but if she doesn’t read past your headline,

She will never know that you have an insane offer for her.

Pay more attention to your headline and never forget,

Simplicity sells.

Stay intentional.



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