You will keep working till you retire and die?



I come from a family of civil servants and 9 to 5ers

My grandfather was a Civil Engineer

My grandmother, a Principal

My mother, a Medical Doctor

And I’ll tell you any day for FREE

All a 9 to 5 will ever do for you is give you a mediocre live

If you want more out of life,

Start planning an escape route…

Start creating another stream of income that will make you quit that 9 to 5 eventually

Let people not sugarcoat it & make you comfortable

A 9 to 5 is NEVER the goal

It is only a means

Sugarcoating from mediocre minds shouldn’t hinder you


I made the above tweet on the 27th of April and some people found it horrible,

Some others found it amazing and interesting but a particular reply to my tweet by a certain Gabriel caught my attention.

Let me reproduce it here…


Sometimes you think 9-5 is enjoyment

Ask someone who is retired

He wouldn’t even advise you to go there

Especially in Nigeria where you are only working to enrich your boss who doesn’t care about you or working to pay tax enriching politicians without enriching yourself


This reply struck a chord that reminded me of a story I will like to tell you, Toyyib

See, my grandfather, Daniel was a village boy who grew up in abject poverty.

Against all odds and with a lot of hard work he became a university graduate.

He became an Engineer and worked for the government for over 40 years.

Dan retired and the government refused to pay him his pensions.

Up until his death, nobody in the government cared about him and his colleagues.

Nobody cared to send them pensions.

Nobody cared to know if they were alive.


Engr Dan was wise though unlike most of his colleagues,

He had two things that helped him after retirement…

1. He was sort of a miser: He always managed his monthly salary to the last pound.

He managed till he was able to save up and buy some lands, build houses and rent out.

He squeezed money out to pay for these things as he didn’t believe in bribery and corruption.

His mates were driving the best cars and leaving large  (being an Engineer in the 50s? You were a fucking big boy… How many people went to uni then in Nigeria? Talk more of being an Engineer)

But he saved till he built about 4 duplexes, lived in some and rented others out.

2. His children became personalities: He had 5 children. three of them are engineers, one a medical doctor the last born a pharmacist.

So his children were all comfortable enough to help him when he retired.

You know how children appreciate their parents with monthly and yearly offerings out of love.

There is this often serious argument that ensues on online platforms from time to time…

Why do parents see their children as a retirement plan?

Well, oftentimes it is not intentional.

When a person lives from paycheck to paycheck, what do you expect that person to do when they are no longer capable of working?

I love to ask my coachees this question,

If you stopped working today, how long would it take you to go broke and die of starvation if no one comes to your rescue?”

Your answer to that question will make you know if you’re in the right profession.

People were laid off from their jobs during the pandemic…

People have retired and they are left to fend for themselves…

Getting out of job is not alien.

I was in a conversation with my assistant, Toyyib yesterday and I told him that if I become highly incapacitated right now by maybe getting in an accident or something (**the African in me whispered Godforbid, lol)

If this happened to me, I’ll still be getting paid a shitload of money monthly… Why?

Simply because I have understood the power of selling and I have used it to set up systems for myself.

Learning how to sell takes you to the top 1%.

Learning the power of selling offers you time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.

There is this confidence that comes with knowing you can generate $1000, $2000, $3000 any day, any time to buy whatever you need.

It is pure power.

I come from a family of 9 to 5ers but I will choose this path every freaking day.

Even if you lived in the US or in the UK,

Do you want to keep living from paycheck to paycheck all your life?

Don’t you want the sweet life?

Do people who go on vacations 6 times a year have two heads?

Don’t you want to give your loved ones a beautiful life?

I detest mediocrity.

Being average is the only thing I am scared of on earth.

I don’t want to walk the surface of the earth and pass like a ship in the night.

Your employer will post a vacancy ad online by next week if you died today.

You’re easily irreplaceable.

You need to understand this and start thinking about yourself more.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to keep working till I retire and die one day.

I want more.

I want to provide for my loved ones passively then do other meaningful things with my life.

Your life should never be about just ‘hustling and providing’.

If you want to join hundreds of people that I have helped achieve this like Toluwani Orekoya who said:

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Talk to you soon!

Stay intentional.


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