Even God himself wants you to bring a 5000-dollar cheque to his altar



This thing called success is quite simple the only problem is it takes time.

But like every other thing in life,

There is a shortcut.

No, not a shortcut in putting in the work…

No one will ever put in the work for you.

But a shortcut in the simple sense that,

You can get to your destination faster than everybody else… Faster than the average person.

Why would you spend 1 year trying to achieve something you could have achieved in 2 months?

Just like in an exam hall.

The goal of every sane student in the exam hall is to get an A. (I remember when I wanted to score just an E, that is not sanity, lol)

There are people who studied 3 months up to that moment for that A.

Then there people that all they need to get that A is a cheatsheet in that exam hall,

They get that cheatsheet, write the 1 hour exam and still get the same grade with the nerd who read for 3 months.

Some people might say it is not fair.

But nobody cares at the end of the day, forget morality.

Student ‘3 Months’ and Student ‘Cheatsheet’ both got As.

After all they say, exam is not the true test of knowledge.


If you have a cheatsheet to success in the real world, USE IT.

You have a lot to build and a lot to achieve.

People tell you that there is time, there isn’t.

Like last year, you will be shocked how 2022 will pass you by with the speed of a sports car.

No one wants to finish the year only thanking God for life on thanksgiving Day.

Even God, Himself wants you to bring a $5,000 cheque to his altar.

Not every goddamn year, the only thing you thank God for is LIFE.

The sad truth is…

You’re not living if you’re not achieving your goals, you’re simply existing.

And the greatest cheatsheet you can have in life is a mentor.

They have been there, they have done it.

They will help you leap frog your peers.

They will tell you where obstacles are even before you encounter them.

They will make sure you don’t make the mistakes they made.

Mentorship is the cheat code, the cheat sheet to sweet success.

I read something on Twitter this morning from a 37-year-old who was talking about things he wished he knew when he was 27.

It was a long thread but one of them struck a chord.

Here it is:

The more you read and learn, the more you realize just how difficult it is to have an original thought.

So much that we think we have pulled from thin air is actually distilled from ideas expressed before we set foot on earth.


See, there is nothing original on planet earth.

One of the most respected artists to walk the earth, a man who people worship for his genius, his creativity…

He once shocked the world by saying 3 words…

“Art is theft”

Pablo Picasso was known for inventing a different style, for originality…

But he still called it theft.

Nothing will fast track your success in any field more than stealing closely from someone who has walked the path you want to take.

Steal his brain, steal his systems…

Then, customize it.

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Stay intentional.


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