Thirst traps & 52000 dollars



He reached out to me out of the blues

He was terrified and begged me to give him a listening ear

His question was simple,

“What should I do a client just paid me $1500 and I’m just blank??”

This is what I told him that helped him beat the client’s control by 120% and make the client $52,000 (last time I checked)…

1. Writing copy is like answering objections

Write out 7 or more possible objections your customer will have about your product and your big marketing idea.

You can only do this by wearing the shoes of your customers and understanding where it hurts.

Discover their pain points and fears.

When you begin to feel and think like your customer,

You will easily point out the possible objections they will have when they see your product or sales message.

2. Organize all these objections in a sequence so it can form a consistent flow

All these possible objections don’t just bite your customer’s brain at the same time.

They come one after the other.

When your customer sees your sales message, she will first think….

  • Why should I trust this seller?

After you answer this objection by showing how credible you’re and what you have been able to achieve,

The next thing the customer might be thinking is…

  • Okay, this seller knows what they are doing but would it work for me? I’m just a nursing mother…

You then go on to answer that objection (usually with testimonials).

The customer objection comes in phases as they read your sales message.

You need to understand how it comes and write your copy to the tune of the customer’s objection.

You want your customer to have a mental orgasm after reading your sales copy so you need to understand how to kiss, rub her nipples and the rest sequentially…

Orgasm is a step by step process.

Organize her objection so it can have a sequential flow.

3. Make all these objections bold

Most intermediate or newbie copywriters don’t understand the importance of using highlight or bold fonts in their copy.

The average reader just rushes through a copy till they see a reason to start from the beginning and read every sentence of the copy.

Putting their most pressing objections in bold fonts all over the copy will force your customers to read every word of your copy.

This is one of the expert secrets I teach my private mentees.

You see, people don’t love to read.

But when they see something interesting, they will read every single line and every single word.

So one of the expert hack to making sure they digest every bit of your copy is setting thirst traps all over your copy in form of their objections.

Do these things I have taught you now and watch your copy do wonders like that of my student.

The lesson contained in this letter is worth nothing less than $800,

Don’t take it for granted.

Stay intentional.



I get how it feels sometimes.

You have been struggling to get a job in this thing of ours,

Grinding day and night…

Then you finally do.

The client pays you and you become confused.

Haha, don’t worry, just go back to the basics.

Go here to read some of my old letters to you on how to write winning copy.

Look for swipe files in that particular niche then start your research process.

It happens to the best of the best…

Don’t fret, you got this.

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