Gosh! Women please come we need to talk



What is this thing with women always finding a way to look down on their fellow women?

I have observed that most women do not dress to look good for themselves…

Most women do not dress to look good for the opposite gender, men (like it is designed by nature even some female animals try to look good for the male)

Most women don’t care about these things,

They just want to look good so that they wouldn’t be looked down on by their fellow women.

You see when a woman meets another woman for the first time,

More often than not, the first thing they do is size the other woman from head to toe to know if she is worth having a conversation with her.

Lol, it is crazy.

The world is a simple place and in all honesty, love should be the only thing in our hearts not classism.

Speaking of love…

Another observation of mine mostly on social media is…

A lot of single women in their 30s to 40s make statements like,

” If a girl gets married at 23, she is silly. Because she doesn’t know what she truly wants yet”

Are you kidding me?

A 23-year-old adult does not know what she wants out of life?

Can we just stop?

Everybody has their own timeline.

Yes, celebrity Rita Dominic got married at 46 but also the beautiful Omotola got married at 18 and she has been happily married for about 25 years now.

Stop attaching age to events or ‘achievements’.

Everyone on earth has their own timeline.

Like my people will say, “Anytime one decides to wake up is when one’s morning starts”

If I wake up by 4 am, fine, my day has started.

If Toyyib wakes up by 8 am, great.

The main thing is… You wake up at the end of the day and achieve your goals for the day.

Sometimes the lady who wakes up by 11 am achieves more than others at the end of the day.

Sometimes the boy who wakes up by 7 am achieves the most.

No bad energy.

You see, most times I just want to believe that this is for the Twitter warriors and social media fighters.

But any time I try to think about it, women who are on social media are women who are in real life.

There is no difference.

All these opinions and biases we see on social media are not just for social media.

A lot of people feel this way about these topics too, it is just that they might not be ready to use Twitter as their diary to spill nonsense.

But the nonsense is in their hearts.

Haha, look, no matter how we see it,

People, Toyyib and myself inclusive have biases and weird opinions that were shaped by our upbringing, books, environment, television and other media.

We can’t run from it because this is who we are.

The only thing that is different between a toxic person and a good person is an open mind.

An open mind to keep learning and unlearning.

A toxic person holds on to their original belief no matter whose ox is gored, even if they have doubt that it is wrong,

Even if everybody is trying to say that “this opinion is not healthy”…

A toxic person doesn’t see reason with anybody or anything.

RUN from this kind of people.

Never date or marry such a person.

Know that a successful person’s best financial decision is the person they decide to get married to.

If you date or get married to a toxic person, wealth and happiness will be far from your home.

But let’s take our foot off the gas with this ‘toxic people’ topic.

Let’s get back to talking about people.

Like I said earlier, people have different biases.

People come from different backgrounds and they see things in a particular way.

The way Mrs A views the world is mostly how her parents and the society she grew up in made her see the world.

If you want people to give you their hard-earned money.

If you want people to buy from you and go home happy,

You need to understand the importance of:

Discovering your target audience’s biases and what makes them tick

Firstly, you should know by now that your product is not for everybody.

You need to make sure you create a customer persona for your ideal customer.

“Oh! I sell sexy women’s undies.

So number 1, my target audience are women.

Number 2, since I sell sexy undies, I know the women who would want to buy them are mostly young women so I’m targeting women between the ages of 19 to 45″

This should be the thought pattern of a business owner selling sexy undies for women.

This business owner should build a customer persona by determining the Gender, Age, Location (and many other criteria) of her target audience.

Then after this process comes the RESEARCH process.

It is in research that you get to know the biases of your target audience,

What makes them tick?

It is in research that you discover the sweet spot you will use to sell to people.

This is where you find out how to make these your customers rush your product and beg you for more.

Research is the foundation of great copywriting.

Copywriting is simply selling persuasively with words.

You can never truly tap into people’s inner desires and biases if you don’t conduct adequate research.

And this is one topic I took my time to break down in the Practical Coaching and Implementation Program.

Bit by bit…

Every single detail of my research process to selling millions of dollars worth of products and services.

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Until tomorrow,

Stay intentional.


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