You might dislike me for this but the truth is the devil makes God relevant to many



The over zealous religious people in this my Inner Circle will want to put my head on a spike for saying this,

But I will always say what I believe is the truth.

In fact, a lot of people will know what I’m about to say is not a lie.

But before I say it, read till the end before you judge.

Did you know that if there was no evil or devil…

If bad things never happened to you,

Most people on planet earth wouldn’t pray or see the relevance of God?

People often pray when they are in need then when life is sweet,

They just forget their God.

So in many ways, you would say that if the devil wasn’t there.

If evil or bad things never happened to people,

Most people will forget to achnowledge God.

Do you get where I’m coming from Toyyib?

The movie Wrath of the Titans takes us on a journey to the Greek gods Zeus, Posideon and Hades.

Zeus ruled the skies (or heavens) and created man to worship gods who are immortals.

Posideon ruled the sea.

Hades ruled the underworld (or hell)

As man worshipped and praised the gods, grew more immortal.

But when men stopped to fear, worship and praise the gods, they began to grow weak because they were irrelevant.

By the way, men here means men and women, you can say humans if you may but we are speaking in ancient Greek tongues.

Men were enjoying life on earth.

They were conquering the earth, sowing and reaping.

They didn’t see the relevance of the gods so they stopped to pray.

Hades the god of the underworld was now tasked to create fear in men, bring suffering upon men so they can pray to the gods once more.

Such a beautiful storyline.

A lot more happened in the movie that involved Medusa and the rest but that’s how the movie started.

A lot of us are guilty of this.

We claim to be religious people but forget to pray to our God until we suffer one way or the other.

If you’re religious, BE RELIGIOUS.

If you’re not then DON’T BE.

Stop confusing the forces of the universe or the devil as the case maybe.

You see, Toyyib when it comes to story telling,

The bad guy, the villain matters most these days.

This is the 21st century and people have seen it all.

People know that whatever story you’re telling will end “happily ever after.”

So you need to see that the villain, the bad guy, the evil, the obstacle is so powerful that when it is overcome,

Everybody is in a mental frenzy.

If the devil didn’t exist most people will not appreciate the magnifince of God.

If suffering and poverty didn’t exist most people will not appreciate what it means to be wealthy.

If you don’t make the villain of your story extremely horrible,

People will not:

– Stay glued to your story and

– Appreciate the end

If you want your sales message to stick to the mind of your prospects until they give you their hard-earned money,

You need to understand that storytelling is the most important tool you can use.

And if you’re using storytelling to sell,

You need to make sure that the villain or obstacle the character in your story will overcome is worth it to your audience.

For example,

In the WWE, the reason a superstar like John Cena is loved so much is because he has overcome great bad guys like: Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, The Miz.

And Hulk Hogan had Yokozuna.

It is always that way even in Boxing or other sports.

So start focusing on, 

“I want the villain in my story to be great”

Great just like Thanos.

The second highest grossing movie of all time is Avengers: End Game

People paid $2,797,501,328 to watch that movie.

All because they wanted to see how the Avengers will conquer the great Thanos who beat them black and blue in the previous movie, Avengers Infinity Wars.

I teach storytelling in details in theĀ PCI Program.

I show exactly how you can use storytelling to write your own ticket.

How exactly do you tell a story that makes people fall in love with your brand, buy from you and keep coming back for more?

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Stay intentional.


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