I came with a sprinkle of violence, feminists stay clear



I had 48 seconds of my life taken away from me.

48 seconds that can never be gotten back ever again.

If you’re a Twitter feminist you should read this because most feminists who just sit behind their keypad and type rubbish into Twitter don’t even understand feminism.

Firstly, I will love to say that feminism should not exist.

Yeah, you read that right.

See, there is no such thing as equality between men and women.

There SHOULD be equity.

Not equality.

A perfect example is this sports transgender case…

Lia Thomas is a swimmer who was a man.

Now Lia Thomas switched genders to identify as a woman.

This man turned woman who used to be an average swimmer in the men’s division suddenly became a woman and started breaking all the female division records.


In a January 10, 2022 article, The Washington Post wrote, “Thomas has shattered school records and has posted the fastest times of any female college swimmer in two events this season. She’ll probably be a favorite at the NCAA championships in March, even as people inside and outside the sport debate her place on the pool deck.”

Thomas has caused a lot of controversies and a lot of people are unhappy with a man turned woman entirely dominating the women’s division.

Lol, it is one of the funniest things on the internet, trust me but that’s not what we are here to talk about.

You see, men and women can not be equal.

Men have different hormones from women and that makes equality impossible.


Hell yes!

Equity is fairness.

If a woman deserves that freaking job, give her that freaking job.

If a woman is the best possible person to rule the country, vote for her without bias.

That is equity.

Equality between a man and a woman is a myth unless you decide to always grant context to it.

The best word to use is simply, equity.

So when I see someone parade themselves as feminists, it is already a big red flag because most people don’t even know what they are saying and their intentions are jumbled up.

If feminism was defined as equity between men and women then we should all be feminists.

I watched a 24 seconds video of a so-called feminist TWICE.

This lady was working out on the bare floor and a man offered to give her a gym mat.

She refused.

The man said okay and left peacefully.

The next thing is she posts a 24 seconds video of it on Twitter, you could go check out the video here.

These were her comments:


I was working out in the corner and a man randomly came and attempted to shove a mat underneath me because it’d ‘be more comfortable’. If he asked whether I wanted it I wouldn’t mind but I think abruptly doing so and invading my space is weird even if you are just ‘being nice’.

I was polite even though it made me feel a bit uncomfortable but I’m posting to shed light (once again) that even if you mean well, if your approach is wrong then it’s an issue. Asking can go a long way rather than just attempting to shove something underneath someone.


If you watched the video you will see that this fellow had the purest of intentions.

He simply offered her a mat to help her.

But she didn’t want it and that was/is very fine.

Coming to social media and posting his face to vilify him or put him down is just horrible.

The video currently has 4.5 Million views.

So she wants all those people to see him as a bad person?

Okay, let’s say he should have asked first before dropping the mat by your side…


But you’re an adult.

As an adult, you should know when people’s intentions are simply pure.

Intentions matter especially when he was respectful about it.

A comment from a fellow girl under that tweet goes…


Idk man…. It seemed like a sweet gesture. He saw you might be uncomfortable and decided to try to help you. You declined and he respected that and left.


Another interesting comment by a man goes…


Basically, you posted this video to promote the “women’s only” gym you is building. That’s alright.



This lady promoted a business right under that post of hers.

A lot of people were of the opinion that she posed this to get publicity for her business to the detriment of the man.

The business is a gym for only women.

She believes women should have their own gym away from the male gender.

That is great… No problem with it.

But can you build your business around the “companionship and motivation women have when they see their fellow women in the gym”

Instead of building it around “contempt for men or men are a nuisance, women need to have their own gym”

These things matter when building a business.

A positive singular storyline.

A positive message that is the core of your business.

This single message behind any business lays the foundation of that business.

There is something called a Singular Storyline.

Every business should have a Singular Storyline that:

1. Educates the customer on the problem this business is solving

2. Points out the unique solution this business has for this problem

Just like in movie production.

You need to have a singular line that summarizes what the 2-hour movie is about.

Getting this singular storyline correct can be worth $50,000 to $100,000

For example, if you google one of the highest-grossing movies of all time the 1997 Titanic,

The Singular Storyline you will see there is:

Seventeen-year-old Rose hails from an aristocratic family and is set to be married. When she boards the Titanic, she meets Jack Dawson, an artist, and falls in love with him.

Your business should have something like this that conveys the message of your business.

This should be something positive, something easy to memorize, something that will get people sucked in.

When you have this singular storyline:

– Writing content or copy for your business becomes easy.

– All your customers understand exactly what you’re about. (exactly how you want them to)

In my experience, creating a singular storyline solves a lot of problems for your business like,

I’ve discovered that a lot of businesses confuse their customers when it comes to what these businesses actually do.

And a confused customer never buys.

No confused person gives you their hard-earned money.

This particular thing I have told you now is one of the first lessons I teach businesses when I am paid to consult for them.

Let’s create a singular storyline for a random oil marketing business…

“Statistics show that 80% of the time oil businesses fail due to a lack of sales, in my business, we have developed a unique tripod system that has helped 73 oil businesses make a shitload of sales even with the volatile oil market in the UAE”


Straight to the point.

It could be improved as this is off the top of my head but this looks good.

What is the core message of your business?

Do your customers know what it is?

Is it clear and easy to communicate?

I know the lesson today is a little strong for the newbies,

But that’s what Saturdays come with you know?

Hot gist and a hot lesson.

Stay intentional.



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