My dad died in my junior school



Ever since he died, I have felt this inner urge to step up…

To be responsible.

There was no other man in the house.

It was mama, my four sisters and me.

My mother was working for a private hospital where she was paid just less than 6 figures (naira) monthly.

It was never easy.

We never lacked necessities like:

Food, shelter, clothing, and books.

Food – We ate like kings, balanced diet, fruits daily, complete salads weekly

Shelter – We lived in our own house no stress of paying rent

Clothing – My mum was a used cloth specialist (Okirika as they were called)

She always knew how to get the sweet grade of used clothes.

You know how rich men especially politicians wear clothes once or twice and give them away?

She knew how to source for those once.

Books – Sometimes it felt like she valued books more than her own life.

Mention any book you need to smash an A in that subject and she will go to Ogbete market and get it for you.

No matter the price…

She taught us that books are hidden treasures of ‘dead men’.

These 4 necessities were always provided.

But anything extra? Was a big fat NO.

Suya… Shawarama… Ice cream…

Outings… Vacation… Gaming…

All were excesses that we couldn’t just afford. (Mama will often say this)

We were just an average family who had every basic thing together and nothing more.

Knowingly or unknowingly this made me hate a regular life.

My grandfather was a civil engineering graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

My grandmother was a geography graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

My mum same but a medical doctor.

Everything about them was “just good enough”.

A house… A car… University education…

Nothing more.

I didn’t want this civil servant lifestyle.

Regular Comfort…


Going to work daily, rejoicing when it is weekend…

Maybe relocate to a better city or country…

Do this for about 30 years,

Retire, smile at your children’s progress in life,

Then DIE.

My father died at the age of 43 with just a house to his name and one or two other things.

By the time I’m 40, I would have achieved it ALL.

I don’t want it average.


I am heading for the top.

I don’t want to SETTLE for anything.

I want the best of the freaking best.

It has been a while I sent a mail here.

And there are hundreds of new people in this space so I decided to do a brief introduction.

Welcome to my small space on the internet.

I stand for the three freedoms:

Financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom.

You can only achieve these three freedoms by solving a problem.

And there are so many problems on earth which you can decide to solve but I’m here to show you in an interesting manner,

How to solve the sales/marketing problems of your business or that of your client.

And this is a means to an end.

The end being achieving the three freedoms.

This Inner Circle has a purpose and it is this,

“At the end of the day, let us take 10,000 people out of mediocrity into achieving the three freedoms of life”

Welcome to our Inner Circle.

Put on your seat belts as it will be a bumpy ride.

Stay intentional.



If you have had a similar background or an average background,

You need to start by working on your mentality as I did.

A mind that has been wired to be comfortable with mediocrity can never become rich.

Note that.


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